Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ignorance Is Bliss? Well Not Always!

SB or Spanish Bride to give her  full title has published a post at Whaleoil 0930 that goes a long way to explain the conundrum around relating the "religion of peace" with the totally depraved actions of a minority of the followers of The Paedophile Prophet and Islamic faith c2015.

With its status as a major world religion including the most populous Muslim country just to the north of our Aussie Cousins,  is Islam  the modern equivalent of Churchill's summation of Stalinism in a BBC speech in 1939.
I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.

I am assuming that quote might have been around the time of the publishing of the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact that came as a total surprise to so many when later events revealed it was the simple expedient of avoiding a two front war as a consequence of the long planned invasion of Poland as laid out in Mein Kampf only to bring debilitating disbelief for Stalin some two years later, after the launch of Barbarossa he went awol for far too long while his Red Army was shredded..

When the very harsh punishments around apostasy, offending the rules around the sanctity of 'The Prophet", subjugation and enslavement of women, fgm, multiple wives and all the other seventh century rubbish that empowers the Imams are taken on board, SB's post does go a long way to bringing a summary of the how and why, well at least some of it.
SB uses the case of a woman who migrated from Africa to Sweden confronts some of the reality of how Islam is viewed in a multicultural state, ultimately leading to her decision to leave Islam.

Ignorance! of the faith, the Koran, the real Muhammad,  and how it was exposed in a modern multi cultural and free religious  European country

As a child who was baptised and then confirmed into the Presbyterian Church because I did not choose to exercise my own philosophical belief process for whatever reason, I understand how the extreme rules around observance and acceptance of the Islamic faith are so readily embraced by the masses which leads me to a position of puzzlement as to how those masses can ignore what I see as an affront to freedom and coexistence.
When a fifteen year old leaves a Mosque after Friday Prayers and shoots dead with two shots to the back of the head,  a randomly selected and innocent man leaving his place of work a few blocks from that Mosque while apparently yelling the name of his sky fairy, I am variously appalled, disgusted, offended to the extreme and totally gobsmacked as to how every member of the Islamic faith in Australia and the wider World not equally affected to the point where they rise up in protest.
Not a word have I seen of such response but there is the demeaning, embarrassing and totally inappropriate suggestions around  going soft from the lips of the political leadership of Australia including Turnbull, Shorten, Julie Bishop,  Adam Bandt and supported by a bunch of fellow enablers at a Canberra News Conference that included various faith leaders.
I accept that Tony Abbott's use of language including terrorists, death cult and Daesh could be seen by appeasers as inflammatory but that is what the current threat to western civilisation from hardened radicalised soldiers of the little changed beliefs of  a seventh century faith of  of the murderous paedophile Muhammad,  deserves.

Anything less is repeating the meek march of Jews to the edge of a pit containing the dying remains of the previous batch  dispatched by Himmler's henchmen.

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Andrei said...

It is not Islam that is a threat to Western civilization GD

It is our chinless ruling elites who have abandoned the faith of their fathers and smear faeces over everything sacred.