Friday, October 23, 2015


1st Semi Final ... ABs 27, Yarpies 20

2nd Semi Final ... Argies 17, Oz 13

You heard it first.


Anonymous said...

Agree Veteran.
Quite fancy the Argies to really tickle the Aussies up.

Looking for the ABs to run the Yarpies into the ground if they can. Fitness the key there.


Nookin said...

I'm sorry but that is not what Chris Cairns told me.

The Veteran said...

Very droll Nookin, very droll indeed.

pdm said...

I actually favour the Yarpies over the AB's. We haven't been tested all year by big players running the ball hard at us and I think it may be a mistake not having a specialist lock on the bench. I suspect their tactics will be to hold on to the ball and not kick it to us and if they do that successfully and they kick their goals, including droppies, the AB's will be under a lot of pressure. However, if they allow the game to loosen up it will probably be a different result in a tight game.

I think the Aussies might be a bit too battle savvy for the Argies but boy the Argies have shown a lot of skill and promise so far and they are now using the ball very well. Nerves may be their downfall but a win would be good for rugby.

Anonymous said...

South Africa won't get 20 points. The ABs defence is too good.