Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gee some dumb arse nonentities are suggesting its as good as over.

My respect for Steve Hansen has risen exponentially and McCaw's summary that all the All Blacks have done is 'earn another week' is just so correct.

Two Habana intercepts, a yellow card or a dodgy referee decision could end it in seconds.

That was a massive performance and it was the turn of the French to sit and wonder what the hell happened there.

My insider gossip is suggesting the difficulty Kieran Reed is having with his hands, particularly when over head is a Neurological problem and he is hoping to hang in for the rest of the RWC then retire. his recent efforts appear to confirm something has changed.
That Documentary on Steve Devine and his post rugby  brain degradation is a serious concern for many true rugby aficionados.

Back in the day a Palenski,  Dick Brittendon or some other real journalist would be investigating what is amiss  with Reed but just as in Politics there is little interest in going outside the Pressers and  Official lines as such aberrant behaviour could  only upset sponsors who have some serious dosh at stake and/or earn the ire of the rugby union who control the news.

That press conference at 1400 hrs today was a total shambles, the first 15 minutes was almost entirely conducted in French with no translation and for many was 15 minutes they will never get back.

The ABs  live to play again next weekend and they did it in a style rarely seen at the four yearly event.

Also great that Scotland have been restored to something reaching full strength against the Cuzzies tonight with a successful appeal for the two forwards banned for three weeks who are now allowed to play the Qf. That original decision was a serious injustice IMEHO and for the Scots a disaster.

Joe Moody's effort to move from NPC last week to an hour against the French this morning was spine tingling, awesome Joe.

RWC is just so different to all other test rugby.


Cedric said...

The releasing of the ball in the tackle, of which SBW is the supreme exponent, is now part of the game for a number of the All Blacks as evidenced this morning. The backing up and expectation of these releases was superb by support players. Excellent skills on display in all facets of the game.
Today the Gallic flair was subdued, and the South Africans will be a much tougher assignment. However Wales were able to contain South Africa, so the All Blacks should be up to defending their own line, whilst having the ability to split the opposition defence and score tries.
The All Blacks demonstrated they have the game to progress beyond the semi-final if can they reproduce today's commitment.

Anonymous said...

This WRC has been the most lop sided, cocked up, over hyped nonsense yet. The draw was ridiculous and to have quality teams like Ireland and Wales out of the competition because of injuries incurred in the previous bruising encounters where we have not even raised a sweat in any of our matches is just crazy and adds nothing to to the eventual winners glory.

It will serve the organisers right if they wind up with a NZ/Argie final which we will win with 20 points to spare without ever having been tested.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

A NZ/Argie final is quite possible as I fully expect the argies to give Australia a total tickle up next week.

SA look old, tired and just pleased to have made the SF. The ABs will not take them lightly and neither they should, but I just can;t see the Yarpies doing it. They have truly had an annus horribilis.

As for Read, I have also heard that SBW has a degenerative knee condition which is why he shifts around so many sports to make the moolah. The guy who told me that was an a genuine Orc's wart so I didn't pay too much attention. If Read genuinely had head issues, there is likely no way he would have played so many games, I find that very hard to believe in this players union/litigious era, especially with Rob "I love my fee" Nichol in the wings.

Chris P

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's not looking good for the Ockers.

They needed a dud ref to help them scrape a stolen win off the Scots.

gravedodger said...

I suggested to swmbo amongst others this NZ team can win the Bill Trophy, with the bounce of the ball a half decent ref and avoiding injuries and suspensions.
Nought has changed.
Yet to watch the last qf but there is plenty of comment around Joubert's call thatgave Foley his chance.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's high time the fifty-seven old farts took a leaf out of cricket's book and allowed a captain to challenge a refs decision, requiring the TMO to intervene and decide.

The Veteran said...

Lord EN ... our track record would suggest that we tend to agree to disagree more often than not.

No such shenanigans with your prediction of a ABs vs Argies final though.

Anonymous said...

To read the sports scribblers (paid by the word) you would think that Scotland and the Argintine have become world powers in Rugby. Not a bit of it, the six nations will once again have Scotland or Italy as the wooden spooners. We are over the Japanese effect now and realise that it was a blip. The whole RWC is badly managed and inherently a lottery with very little time for player recovery ( ie.Aus/Scot and Wales/Sth Africa)

The French through their club system are drifting away from being a power and only journalists seem to be able to resurrect the glory. Changing lifestyle and other demands are restricting the flow of quality players into the English and Welsh system, the days of fighter pilots and doctors taking the field are over. Most kids now have never handled a rugby ball until they are in their teens.

South Africa have similar problem with finding players with a rugby head, the days of the big dumb farm boy from the Veldt are gone but finding clever young men who are willing to bulk up and train as rugby players in a country where education is matter of survival is difficult. The white population is diminishing daily. I haven't mentioned the racial mix which is causing concern for the future.

We should be very grateful that rugby union is not Australia's national sport and that the Germans never took to the game.

Be interesting to see which part of that you agree to disagree with veteran.