Saturday, October 3, 2015

For Years We Were Told "Apartheid Bad" !

In NZ we have something eerily similar but as a race based law and philosophy no such label has been allocated.
Under the voluminous Victorian Skirts of our infant European short history there lies a "Treaty" common enough in the 17th,18th and 19th centuries as a diplomatic tool in concluding hostilities and international disagreement resolution either as a face saver or an edict of empowerment.
Of thousands such agreements almost all have been abrogated, enshrined in law or just left unenforced, forgotten by all except students of history.
For some unfathomable reason NZ has set out a treaty signed between Queen Victoria's UK government agent, Governor Hobson and some largely self appointed Maori elders, to have ongoing legal relevance some  200 years later, costing millions annually to be paid by wealth creating New Zealanders. In that, unaltered as text,  but reinterpreted many times, the Waitangi document is a rare example of mid 19th century treaty still being worked.

In 1984, insurrection was a real threat in NZ  because The Rugby Union dared to exercise a lawful right to invite the SA Rugby Union to send a team to tour NZ but a bunch of  agitators decided the rule of law did not apply to them (what a bloody surprise) and went to extraordinary lengths to cause violent mayhem in protests supposedly at the Apartheid system of SA.
All because a nation ruled by the descendants of Dutch settlers  ran things with race based laws favouring in some ways the Caucasian minority in spite of the fact there were far greater racial systems killing weaker and less numerous ethnicities elsewhere in the African continent as the descendants of the original inhabitants grappled with self government as colonial rule was handed back.

Today in our wonderful country there are increasing incidents involving part blood descendants of the Maori settlers, who in total disregard of the laws that have evolved from colonial rule  expanded and modified by a continuing democracy over a century in existence that have far too many coinciding elements of the very tenets that the anarchists of 1984 railed against.

One Annual event with often quite embarrassing racial outbursts plus assaults, occupations and unlawful activities that if perpetrated elsewhere by others could result in serious court sanction.
An Airport in the far North was closed for over a  day in recent weeks by an illegal occupation that caused the cessation of all flights, including at least one bringing medical specialists to the region for a weekly clinic and could have proved fatal had a patient requiring medical evac to Auckland been disrupted.
Then in recent days another bunch of the deluded occupied a commercial building in Auckland using assault to remove those with lawful right to be there.

In some jurisdictions even in present days such behaviour could be met with force to a degree that could involve deaths of those  acting illegally.

As a Fifth generation settler of Scottish blood, I cannot help but wonder what would be my chances of such  minimal intervention from the law should I attempt to occupy the Marae at Cooptown where descendants of the Maori Leader who never paid for a house lot of timber delivered from Pettigrew's Mill in Pigeon Bay around 1870 might be involved. The Mill was owned by a maternal Great Grand Father and his Father, the unpaid account having been passed down in the "Oral History" of our "Family".
Just how long would I last if I got a bunch of   Kyle Chapman's followers to stage a sit in at the Wairewa Marae after a violent invasion, demanding payment when in reality the errant debtor as established by our "history handed down" may well have no descendants still involved with the Wairewa Marae. 

With South Auckland Police admitting they will no longer bring offenders before the courts for driving without a licence, The Government setting up a seemingly endless series of assistance specifically targeted at anyone claiming a familial link however tenuous to some long deceased part blood Maori, and now an increasing number of race based incidents being treated with kid gloves, who will be to blame if a non Maori snaps and decides to make a stand however stupid such action will be viewed by most.

A system with some real similarities to The Boors Apartheid system, so widely condemned, is emerging here and yet no opposition is apparent.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's Boers, not Boors.

Tamati said...

and 1981 not 1984, but well put, as always...

Anonymous said...

It's quite obvious that you know absolutely nothing about life under the apartheid system. Having lived there in the 80's I can assure you was abominable, degrading, utterly divisive and motivated by the Broederbond to retain power at all costs. Many Afrikaners and most of the English speakers detested it and saw the long term damage it would do the country.

Nothing good here folks, nothing to see, move along now.

Lord Egbut Nobacon