Sunday, October 4, 2015

For Gawds Sake Wake UP.

A poor innocent  bean counter who worked at NSW Police HQ in Parramatta, West Sydney,   leaving work on Friday, was shot in the head and killed outside his place of work
His killer was a 15 year old , Iranian born of Iraqi Kurdish extraction and those in power have given a  performance of Olympic standard pinhead dancing to avoid stating the bleeding obvious.

The Killer was  Muslim.
The killer was shot dead by armed constables stationed as guards.
There is zero evidence of motive.
The Victim was the father of two and just a bean counter held in high regard by his fellows sworn and unsworn.
The killer apparently had no known history linking him to Terrorists.
The Police have no idea from where he got the hand gun.
It was a few blocks stroll from a  Mosque to the killing zone.
The Mosque leaders claim the killer was not a regular at their shed of head bashing.
The Mosque leaders claim no knowledge of any motive.
Guns can be illegally  stored at Mosques that require notice of search.
Initial reports were devoid of any information that might lead to a connection to Islam.
Descriptions of the killers dress omitted any middle eastern hint.
Friday is the Day when Imams get to harangue any potential killers who might be of a mind to seek out their Virgin quota.
Turncoat has abandoned any intention of continuing Abbotts policy of telling it as it is and has softened the response to placate local Muslim leaders.
Julie Bishop has continued her sycophantic adoration of Turncoat.

All this as a UK towel head youth was sent to the pokey for inciting a killing, scheduled for the ANZAC parade in Melbourne earlier this year, to  life with five years minimum to be served,  and his intended proxy killer awaits trial and sentence as the intended remote tool. As a Minor the UK convict cannot be named but his Melbourne tool is named and it aint Smith

Of course these killers, just as those of Leigh Rigby as he left his London Barracks, are "Lone Wolves" that allows no connection to their masters at the Mosques to ever lead them to  be indicted as the accessories they clearly are.


Howie said...

Sorry, what do you think is bleeding obvious? You didn't actually say. Perhaps you tried, but you failed.

The Veteran said...

At the risk of thread-jacking (forgive me GD) but I am amazed that the 15 YO 'boy' sentenced to life imprisonment by the UK Courts (read five years perhaps) for incitement to terrorism in OZ on ANZAC Day could not be named because of his age.

I mean all he was guilty of doing was urging his accomplice to decapitate a policeman after having first carrying out a trial run in an home invasion to hone his skills.

If he's good enough to play big boys 'games' then he's old enough to face the big boys music.

Another example of PC gone mad.

Noel said...

So you and your lot are going to change the youth courts are you?
Happens every day youth beats someone nearly to death, major upheavel in the Victims families who are not allowed at any point to know who the perpetrator is, nor have input into the process.
Same waffle you made over the Kumars. Be honest no politican is going to change it.

And they wonder why people are going out of their way to extract their their pound outside of the system

The Veteran said...

Noel --- FFS grow up. This comment was in respect of another jurisdiction.

If you had done your homework you would know that 'my lot' (as you so quaintly put it) don't need to do anything at all as there is provision for Juvenile offenders accused of serious crimes to have their trial transferred from the Youth Court to the High Court. Once that happens continued name suppression is discretionary. The Michael Choy case is a good example. The eight accused faced charges of murder, aggravated robbery, attempted aggravated robbery and theft. Of the eight, six were were children or young persons as defined in the CYPF Act 1989. All eight applied for continuation of name suppression when they were committed for trial in the High Court. Six of the eight had their applications denied.

Incitement to terrorism is a serious crime. Should the same scenario as happened in the UK present itself in NZL I have no doubt that (1) the case would be heard in the High Court and (2) the Judge would find it extremely difficult to justify continued name suppression.

Allan said...

Whaleoil has an interesting article on the brainwashing done in the name of Islam. It explains the reason why these clowns act the way that they do.

OlderChas said...

Mosques require "notice of search? Wtf is THAT all about?