Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Here's the offender in all its glory.   Great day at golf yesterday with 41 stabbies (nah, not stubbies idiot) so I decided to celebrate in the Clubhouse with a sausage roll.

All downhill from there.   By 2100 last night all I wanted to do was die.   Was not a pretty sight.   One hour later it got worse and by midnight even Memsahib was getting worried (as in a blokes don't do sick very well kind of caring way).

Food poisoning is very much a suck it and see affair.   Nature takes its course.   Right now I'm but a shadow of my former self and limited to water ... lotsa water.

I don't wish that on anyone ... 1750 and bed beckons.   Good night.


The Realist said...

Sorry to hear that Vet but a blessing in disguise
You desperately need to loose weight

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The Cook lost seven kilos in two days, a month ago.

Anonymous said...

No good to hear Vet.

My recipe to get over the lurge is this:

1 Nothing by mouth apart from water during the squirting phase.

2 When tummy settled down still nothing but water.

3 After several hours when you start getting hungry still stick to water and then maybe a unsweetened lemon drink.

4 Give it several more hours and then nibble a little on a cracker or piece of bread and test to see if there are any adverse reactions.


pdm said...

mrspdm is an advocate for Dry Ginger Ale once you progress to the recovering stage. It seems to work for her at such times.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... with or without brandy?

Anonymous said...

Water only is not a great idea. You should take electrolyte supplements if you want to feel normal. Your system is already low on these and water is flushing even more of them out.

BTW, How can you be sure the soss roll was the culprit and not a trace of duck poo off a golf ball?

The Veteran said...

Anon 9.07 ....because I stopped licking my balls some time ago.

pdm said...

Shame to waste the Brandy if you are spewing Vet.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Commiserations are in order. The comment on electrolytes is accurate. They are cheaper from a veterinarian. Good enough for thoroughbred horses then good enough for a thoroughbred Vet.

Half a teaspoon in a small glass of water twice a day.

From the vet, for The Vet.

gravedodger said...

Port and Brandy with little water, during and after.

Agree with anon on the electrolytes and pdm with the Ginger ale in recovery.

Of course it was the Bloody Sausy roll they are better than a petri dish as a medium to culture such dangers.

Whatever Vet you have my total sympathy hope the recovery continues.

Anonymous said...

For rehydration - a tablespoon of sugar and a tsp of salt in a litre of water.