Friday, October 16, 2015

Excuse Me! Whose Fault?

A New Zealand Citizen living in another country does bad stuff and ends up in gaol.
That country has laws and under those laws a few consequences become operative.
Having been sentenced to over a year in gaol, the guest of that country is deemed to be no longer wanted and is subject to deportation.
Now the deporting party knows that there are many places to disappear to,  in their largely uninhabited land mass so while the, 'to be deported' is still in their control they install them in a facility that has some advantages for monitoring and control. Ok so not such a nice place really but able to be avoided by agreeing that the host wishing to be rid of them will arrange an airfare to their country of domicile as established by their citizen status at no cost to the reluctant one.

So do bad stuff, get caught, go to prison then options become limited and it all seems to be legal. However when compared to the stupid and dangerous situation surrounding another unwanted class who by disposing of their documents claim "refugee status" there appear to be some glaring inconsistencies.

With wannabee but thwarted Labor MP,  now Coalition Prime Minister Mal Turnbull making a first visit to NZ there is a growing chorus from the 'luvvies' to somehow interfere in the domestic politics of our neighbour for the way things have unfolded for bad bastards that we  probably don't want either, however they are and because they omitted the step of obtaining Australian Citizenship, our responsibility.
Aren't we so lucky.

There are many anecdotal tales as to how deadbeat tangata whenuas seem to make good in the lucky country, apparently when freed from the culturally depraved society that welfare has delivered to so many NZ citizens who remain here,  but doing bad stuff is a clear choice predicated on a vain hope of not being caught and held accountable for.
Bugger, you were caught and I assume that to get time in the pokey in Aus as here in NZ,it was very unlikely to have been a one off.

Of course had said bad buggers not gone bad enough to qualify for deportation back to their lawful homeland there would be no problem, or have I got it wrong.

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Paulus said...

I understand that it not only New Zealanders who have committed crime and have served Jail that get deported.Cannot see that Turnbull will change the current policy despite the Media Party, the Union Labour Party, and before you forget them the Greenpeace Party.
Would you make favourable changes for New Zealand - like making anything Maori do OK.
I suspect many of those in detention are Maori hence the outcry.
Turnbull has an election next year so anybody who thinks he will do other than form a committee with officials is dreaming.
Other nationalities get the same treatment.
Blame Clark for the current poor Australian situation for New Zealanders.