Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cardiff Re-enacts Waterloo

The dirty bastards deserved to be done like dinners.  The deliberate attempt to injure McCaw was disgraceful.

And I thought Jonah Lomu had retired.  I hope someone can stitch up a dual screen montage of Lomu's famous charge alongside that of Savea.

Not only does NZ make better white wine than do the Frogs but NZ plays better champagne rugby.

Very pleased indeed to see these games available, live on free to air Channel 90, courtesy Channel 9.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Is it true the French newspapers are reporting McCaw attempted to injure the Frenchman's fist by rubbing his eyes on it?

pdm said...

The best All Black team effort in a long time. The Yarpies will be a much tougher proposition next week as there was a lot of determination in their win over a gutsy Welsh team.

Schalk Burger was impressive - is there anyone in international rugby that carries the ball as often or as effectively as he did in that game.

Anonymous said...

Not the best AB team, the worst French team in history and they will not get any better.
Why, well it is the same reason that the English Premier league is the most wealthy, exciting and watched league in the world and yet the England national team are perennial losers.

French club rugby is the most wealthy and exciting rugby in Europe and like the premier league stocked with overseas players. In short high salaries and club rugby have ruined the national team.

England are not in a much better position as a rugby or football field in in a small town is now worth $6,000,000 for housing and local authorities are not renewing sports club leases. The only rugby fields now belong to the top schools who do NOT provide professional rugby players.

Anonymous said...

Just spotted Graham Henrys scribbling in the Herald. He must be a fan of this blog as I got there first Re French club rugby.

Lord Egbut Nobacon