Saturday, October 10, 2015

"But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought"

Fine example of journalism in action, here.  The Guardian posts the concerns of US Muslims about a proposed protest outside US mosques by various right-wing nutter groups.  The article features the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, on the basis that open carry is legal in Arizona so some of the protesters may be armed.

The article moves on to the Islamic Association of North Texas, whose spokesman is also very worried by the upcoming protests.

It then tells us:

In May, two gunmen were shot dead by police at a “draw the prophet” contest in nearby Garland, where anti-Muslim protestors had gathered outside a Muslim conference in January.

At which, the casual reader would be justified in thinking "Wow, no wonder the spokespeople for the mosques are so worried!  These armed anti-Muslim protesters are a real threat!"

For those who can't see the scam being pulled here, the incident in which two gunmen were shot dead by police was one in which Muslim gunmen were attempting mass-murder of anti-Muslim protesters. The scam phrases it to give readers the impression the gunmen were anti-Muslim protesters.

This is very slick propaganda. Nothing in the statement is untrue: in May, two gunmen were shot dead by police, and in January, there had been an anti-Muslim protest at the site.  The effect though, is to achieve the opposite of the truth - it's a masterpiece of the propagandist's art.

The thing that depresses me the most about this piece is that we have left-wing journalists once again lying in the interests of a totalitarian ideology.  I hadn't expected to see that again after the Soviet Union went tits-up, but here it is in black and white. Fuck.


The Veteran said...

Whow Milt and again Whow ... attacking left wing journos. Stand ready to be dished by 'them'.

Psycho Milt said...

Ha ha, well I take it as read that right-wing journos distribute lying propaganda, but want the left-wing ones to be made of sterner stuff...

Does piss me off intensely, though - why are left-wingers defending an authoritarian conservative religious ideology? We should be telling Muslims their views are anathema to us at every opportunity, not pretending it's lovely quaint local colour.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a creed that sees murder as justified in the name and example of their 'prophet'. It shouldn't seem strange that they also lie. They are consistent in that they have an example whom they emulate. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (Cair) are dissembling jerks following the party line on this.
On the other hand you're pissed off that the left wing, whose moral views are fungible as a result of rejecting absolutes, seems to have been caught up in slick propaganda.

A lie is a lie, no matter whether uttered by a right wing jerk, a left wing one, or a devotee of the the theology of an immoral Arab.


tom hunter said...

... why are left-wingers defending an authoritarian conservative religious ideology?
Short answer?
Because it's non-Western.

Long answer?
The real question is why the Western Left are so often found sticking it to their own civilisation - which includes any number of features they boast about having obtained? Is Post-Colonialism theory really still that influential? I think it is.

But while the answers to that question are far more varied and all entirely debatable, I can't help thinking that they can be found in areas such as the following, that are seemingly unrelated, The Unbearable Racism of Social Justice Warrior Jerks. The piece is talking about yet another dreary SJW attack on an author, in this case a woman named Meg Rossoff, who wrote the following:

"Books are to teach kids about the world, about being different or being brave. I really hate this idea that we need agendas in books. A great book has a philosophical, spiritual, intellectual agenda that speaks to many people – not just gay black boys. I’m sorry, but write a pamphlet about it. That’s not what books are for.”

This comment in relation to a book called "Large Fears", which is about a queer, black boy who dreams of going to Mars. Apparently asking whether the book has a good story and interesting characters is verboten, as is the comment that books probably should not try to be about pounding in The Social Message Of The Day.

The shit storm that descends on Rossoff is something to behold and includes all the current fave terms - "cisgendered", "privilege" and so forth - plus old goodies like "bigot". As one critic explains, Ms Rosoff's stance is the same as the "bullshit", #AllLivesMatter call. Calling to see past skin colour is now the mark of a racist. Orwell must be laughing his ass off.

The modern Western Left has ended up in the world of Alice in Wonderland, or to be more precise, and in line with Psycho's comment, a place with War is Peace, Ignorance is ....... you know the rest. It's no surprise that a Guardian journalist would write such crap; they've been marinated in it for the last 20-30 years. Maybe we should ask them to conduct a review of Large Fears - I'd be willing to bet which way it would run.