Saturday, October 17, 2015

Any Publicity Is Good, Well Not Always.

Certainly not when a retard is piloting a clearly labelled corporate vehicle.

Yesterday returning to Paradise from the Big Smoke at a time that coincides with the usual Friday afternoon joyriders coming to our realm for various weekend reasons, we caught up with a Mitsubishi Hatchback  resplendent in its Company colours and exhorting any other road user to the benefits of that company's core business, insurance.

I did not manage to overtake the vehicle even though it was clearly travelling a significantly slower average speed so had some 30 kms of  driving ability displayed that  was eloquent testimony of the benefits of embracing the company's product.
Accelerating at every approach to a potential overtaking opportunity ensured the tail of following vehicles only grew in number.
Treating the whiteline whether dotted or continuous as a rather irrelevant waste of Transit's funding.
Crossing the centre line seemed mandatory on many right hand curves yet surprisingly managed to be avoided, treating left veering curves with no  such indifference. Relevant Solid yellows (ie on the drivers side of white)and double yellows were of no apparent discernable effect either
Excessive use of brakes that by the time a temporary Resident on his Motor Cycle managed to thwart the serious intent to allow no other vehicle to pass as we approached Barrys Bay indicated a strong desire to maintain an arrogant dominance of all following traffic.

However the most annoying bit was on reaching the clearly signed as upcoming,  slow vehicle lane mid way between Cooptown and The Hilltop, the retard hugged the whiteline preventing overtaking other than the lefthand or inside option which I regard as rather fraught and possibly leading to a serious use of that company's product or much worse an unwanted appointment with a representative of the constabulary.

The Company was Farmers Mutual Group the rego and some relevant material will be sent to the corporate on Monday but as my previous use of *555 has been of no effect I will leave my response at that.


Tinman said...

Driving north from ChCh on Thursday just south of Omihi I was passed by a silver Subaru stationwagon. I was doing 100kph at the time (the speed limit) and approaching the brow of a small hill.

The vehicle went past me rather promptly.

It missed becoming a fiery ball of metal by about 200 metres, the distance it cleared me before a vehicle travelling the other way came over the top of the hill.

My guess is two seconds later and I would have been the observer of a very spectacular crash indeed - to the point I slowed and prepared to brake (just in case).

Strangely, 15-20 Ks later it was still in my sight, less than 1Km ahead.

Must have been the week(end) for bad drivers.

The only real question I have is how the idiot on SH1 managed to live long enough to buy (or hire) that fairly recent car?

Anonymous said...

There I was surveying all I own deep in conversation with Bacchus and Vin Rouge, grow it myself you know. Before I knew it I had fallen off my chair and knocked the bookcase and damn me if a dictionary didn't fall on my head, never been the same since.

Lord Egbut Nobacon