Monday, October 26, 2015


Hot on the heels of  Lord Warner's resignation from the Labour Party comes the news of a second defection, this time its Lord Grabiner, noted jurist and Master of Clare College, Cambridge.

Grabiner has resigned the Labour Whip in the House of Lords to sit as a cross-bencher but funnily, he is retaining his Labour Party membership ... made even more curious by his having said that "Labour was now in disarray and that he could not square [staying] with my conscience" ... and also "I have nothing in common with Mr Corbyn and  I don't believe we are ever going to win an election".

I'm sure Howie or MiLord will come up with something on Grabiner in an attempt to minimise the impact of his defection although, to be fair, a Clayton's resignation is hardly a good look for him.


Anonymous said...

Yet another unelected civil servant taken on by the Blair Govt To bolster the House of Lords.

I don't mind the fact that these people are being used as some sort of bludgeon to sway opinion on the NZ political scene but at least get your facts right about their place in the UK Labour movement.

Director of golf club PA $250,000, Barrister PA $700,000 (approx) not to mention all the "committees". This is probably the most unlikely labourite you will ever see.

But don't you worry Veteran, there are about another 6 of these parasites who have been living off the public purse to go yet. Please don't make the mistake of thinking Blair and his bastards = Labour.

Oh yes, Grabiner. An apt name if you look at his perks.

Nookin said...

"Director of golf club PA $250,000, Barrister PA $700,000 (approx) not to mention all the "committees". This is probably the most unlikely labourite you will ever see."

Sums it all up really. He is successful and therefore cannot be a labourite because the terms are mutually exclusive in the minds of some.

pdm said...

Oh my god - he must have a proper job. How unsavoury.

The Veteran said...

Anon 8.07 ... fascinating mindset. Clearly in your lexicon success and Labour are mutually exclusive ... and you wonder why you're on 29% going south.

Howie said...

Way to miss the point guys, but I guess that was intentional right? I mean you're really not that dumb are you? Actually, Nookie might be.

Psycho Milt said...

Rule of thumb: no-one with "Lord" in front of their name is a loss to the Labour Party. If professional troughers see no future in Labour under Corbyn, that's excellent news.

The Veteran said...

Lord E-N will be devastated to learn there's no place for him in the Labour Party. You need to be very careful with the 'professional troughers' line. Dianne Yates, Hamilton East Labour MP and later List MP (following her defeat) set a record after being appointed to five quangos on her her retirement from parliament.

Anonymous said...

Not at all Veteran, I, like so many others who actually read political manifestos, are undecided voters. I dislike excesses by either wing of the political spectrum.

Once again you seem to be confused with those who were elected and served time in the parliamentary trenches and those privileged few who performed little or no service for their country and used their positions to further their business interests.

Never assume because you make an ASS out of U and ME.

Lord (acting unpaid) Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

Things have gone a bit quiet, must all be out there chewing nails to the quick over the upcoming match.

As a post-script to this thread read this quite brilliant speech about Government steamrollering ill thought out policy and a Govt's responsibility to it's people.

The fact that she is Labour peer is neither here nor there and not worth point scoring over, its just common sense and could have been anyone.

Lord Egbut Nobacon