Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ah But Will Craig Apologise To Scotland?

My Celtic genes run strong in me and even when The ABs play Scotland and to a lesser moment Ireland, I retain some respect and support for the endeavour of the luckless coming second.

So it was no great mystery when The Flower of Scotland came up against the convicts descendants as to who I was rooting for.

Those of us who played Rugby and retain a great love of the game, accept that referees get things wrong but so long as their bias does not intrude to prevent the Laws Of Averages evening things out errors such as the rather costly one made by Craig Joubert at Twickenham are firmly in the Sh#^t happens and we all have a beer after the match is done and dusted.
With the benefit of replays and slowmo the Wallaby halfback touched the knocked on ball from the Scot and rendered the Scot ruled offside as not so and Joubert got it wrong, it should have been a scrum with Australian ball and who knows it might still have allowed a chance for the Wallabies to score.
 "Bugger" applies.
The TMO could not have been used as it can only be used for possible foul play or to ensure that in the play leading to a possible 'try' there was no infringing, plus of course to confirm a grounding.
Imho there is too much searching for a minor incident way down the paddock and is anyone sure such a protocol would have picked up that forward pass eight years ago.

Mr Joubert who is a good ref, penalised McCaw for incorrect entry to a maul in front of his posts in the 2014 super final in Sydney and is claimed to have called Crusaders coach Todd Blackadder to admit he got it wrong following another costly error that allowed the Warratahs to take the 2014 Super Rugby Title.
Jonathon Kaplan another top Saffa Ref called it for McCaw being wronged but I do not know if that was with hindsight, slowmo or in live action.

Very sad for a Scotland effort that is possibly their greatest test effort ever and from a team that even with their two forwards reinstated after the appeal of their tournament ending suspensions, had no chance of (a) beating The Wallabies or (b) if the impossible happened would go on reach the finals.

That was a herculean effort from Mighty Scotland and my first instinct was who had put a thistle in their shorts, but to pillory Joubert for what appeared in real time to be a classic case of impetuosity quite common in rugby for a player in front of the ball grabbing it, as any thing other than a "Bugger" moment has little knowledge of what they are talking about.
Cripes many are still making a capital case over Dingo Deans ancestor at Cardiff in 1905.

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Anonymous said...

I have read more journalistic tripe about this RWC than all the others put together and NZ scribblers are as bad as the rest.

This is the most interesting and accurate summation I have read and suggest everyone read it. Three things, Weather, facilities and a national enthusiasm.


Lord Egbut Nobacon