Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Z fuel? not bloody likely unless they are the last option.

Z Energy emerged when Shell NZ decided to exit retail fuels in NZ.
With a publicity campaign that includes being an oh so nice Corporate that even gives a pittance from its profits to a charity selected by the people, they have turned out to be no better than the big thieving bastards of the industry.

People need to be smarter shoppers, NPD or Nelson Petroleum Distributors are the one reassuring retailer in the village of the damned.
With a truckstop style card payment facility in Halswell Junction road they consistently offer fuels at least 10cents lower than any of the big bastards.

When "Z" took over Shell it wasn't long before the excrement hit a fan in several places where Shell had retained low throughput retail as part of their image.
Here in Paradise with a challenged fuel market for all but a few days a year they shut down their pumps and things seemed dire.
Along came NPD and suddenly prices were "city" retail 70 kms from town,  then an added bonus offering a ten cent discount on production of a Gold Card.


Paulus said...

I run a Euro diesel car and in Tauranga this morning my fuel was 99.9c per litre plus a further 4c reduction from the supermarket.
Getting better - I never go near Z or BP - Gull and Mobil.

David said...

My Z shares have been an exceptionally good investment, always safe in the knowledge that our commerce commission loves duopolys and National Ministers are a walkover with the right amount of lobbying.
Look at Joyce welcoming Jetstar to the regions and the following day Bridges stitching up AirNZs monopoly to Vhina and Hong Kong , what bloody idiots but a hundred times better than the alternative idiots.

JohnO said...

I drive a diesel and the thing I like about Z is *every* bay has diesel. Nothing worse than driving into a bloody Mobil and only one bay has diesel and it has 3 cars lined up waiting and a couple of petrol lanes empty.

I have a Z card which gets a few cents/L off. None of the Z stations in my local area are priced any differently to nearby competitors, but they're all big-4. There are no nearby Gull or Gas Alleys.

Noel said...

Sometime I really can't fathom your rationales for a blue dyed in the wool.
I'm guessing David never had shares in Shell at the time they owned it. Or maybe he is a relative of Queen Beatrix?
That aside much of the profit you give to BP goes to JP Morgan.
A major shareholder in Z is the NZ superannuation fund.
Ahhh of course that dividend goes to Kiwi Saver. Can't have that socialist nonsense.

I tell my boys what ever you do don't opt out of Kiwi Saver. There wont be any need to move the goal posts when they retire because the opt out will be "you had the opportunity to contribute to you retirement in Kiwi Saver."