Thursday, September 10, 2015

Your Majesty

Mrs Phillip Mountbatten,
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace Road

Dear Madam,
A quick note to congratulate you on becoming the longest serving monarch in the history of England, The UK and the British Commonwealth.

Your humble loyal and grateful subject,

ps should you ever make it to our little village there will be a cup of tea here for you at any time. M

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Yes, your majesty, your loyal service has been commendable.
Trouble is, you inherited an Empire. but your country has been reduced to a mere province of a European superstate.
Did you tell those politicians who betrayed your nation?
I accept a monarch should not be politically involved, but shouldn't you put your realm, your subject's best interests over the whims of the political classes.
And now we see your grandson William, never mind his son george , gaining power when your country may be muslim majority.
Did you, your highness, speak out against the treachery of the European superstate and mass muslim immigration?