Sunday, September 6, 2015

Two Sides To A Story, well no there are at least three.

Yes indeed, as my old mate the now late Johnnie Corbett ex WW2 in Corsairs for the RNZAF in the Pacific Islands, used to remind me constantly in the ten years we were neighbours, there are indeed at least three sides to any story, yours,  mine and hopefully buried somewhere  in the middle, "THE TRUTH".

Of course the first casualty in any war is that unarmed often civilian, combatant named Truth.

Slater has a post at 0800 today under " It Went Viral------------" that gives some serious grounds for my initial suspicions that the poor little boy, dead on the beach was not quite Kosher or whatever the Islamic equivalent is.

But I know in any propaganda war and that is exactly what we are in while being fed by a moronic media intent on enabling the current phase of ISIS to attack Europe with thousands of military age males escaping the terrible "war" and invading Europe as promised by ISIS back in February 2015, The Truth Will Not Matter. Emotion, falsehoods, lies, comfort to the enemy whether meant or incidental will not be questioned until it is too late.

Escaping my posterior they are the first wave of ISIS.

Ffs, Abdulla Kurdi had been in Turkey as a free loading "guest" for three years, was he even on that boat, he had thousands in cash, refugee!!! not even close, an illegal economic queue jumping migrant almost for sure.
Then he was flying back to where he left Syria over three years ago to bury his wife and two boys at home clearly certain ISIS would not make any waves. Give me a break, leaving ISIS control is an offence punishable by summary execution quick and certain for the fortunate.
Much more believable a warrior hero bringing dead participants back for a homeland interment, surely.

Those who would denigrate my opinions can say what they like, allowing themselves to be taken in by that whole bunch of bull excrement, will have a long time to reflect on how wrong they are if they are lucky!!
Unless they are committed, card carrying, prayer mat slobbering and extremely lucky, they will be another opportunity for Islamist thugs to experiment and create publicity and entertainment from the last moments of their deluded and miserable life before you can say Allah Akbar.

Even an assessment that comes anywhere near the centre of the debate raging, casts a total demolition of pretty much the whole heap of dung that is being delivered on almost every Media outlet currently available in our green and pleasant land on matters under the banner of "displaced refugees from a war zone".


Howie said...

"Much more believable a warrior hero bringing dead participants back for a homeland interment, surely."

Hmmm, I see, the guy drowned his wife and children and had the press photograph the little kid in order to elicit sympathy for refugees in the West so they would allow the entry of a hoard of ISIS fighters in disguise! It all makes perfect sense! But hang on, are you an ISIS sleeper agent as well? There's something not quite halal about your post (that is, it's so off the wall, it could only be written by someone at least mildly psychotic).

Noel said...

"Pamela Geller (born June 14, 1958)[6] is an American political activist[7] and commentator. She is known for her anti-Islamic writings, opposition to the proposed construction of an Islamic community center near the former site of the World Trade Center, and sponsorship of the "Draw the Prophet" cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. She says her blogging and campaigns in the United States are against what she terms "creeping Sharia" in the country. She is described as anti-Islamic[8] and self-described as opposing political Islam.[1] Multiple groups have described her as Islamophobic."

I guess that says it all.

Anonymous said...

Very hard to argue you are escaping persecution and then you fly straight back to it. You are right that ISIS wont look kindly on him for leaving the faith.

At least Hungary have worked out what's going on.

gravedodger said...

So Pamela Geller, is not an approved commenter on possible excesses perpetrated in the name of Islam therefore she must be silenced.

Gee hadn't thought of it in those terms.

Just got to control the excesses that democracy and free speech might allow in the poisoning of innocent minds eh.

What part of what could in fact be a staged photo of a dead boy on a quiet beach, a supposedly fit and well recovered male from a shipwrecked boat taking his deceased wife and children back to where he supposedly escaped from in fear of his life for last rites, and his seriously cashed up status as a "Refugee" does not have the ring of confidence about it?
And all that is observed from Abdulla's 'gob', widely published TV images of his supposedly dead son at the waters edge on a beach somewhere and the widely published evidence of his three years sucking on the Turkish welfare teat and a declared desire to move his welfare sponsored domicile to Germany to achieve a better commercial deal.

Carry on with your almost unbelievable gullibility, but remember my suggestion it wont make a smidgeon of difference if you get entangled in Islam's grand plan.

Then I suppose there never were 6 million Jews murdered in the years of WW2 they just ran away to a new life somewhere. Wonder where they did finish up?

None so blind as those who will not see.

Noel said...

"Escaping my posterior they are the first wave of ISIS."

Proof old man?

"there are indeed at least three sides to any story, yours, mine and hopefully buried somewhere in the middle, "THE TRUTH"".

He forgot to tell you that one must always determine the bias of the story teller.

gravedodger said...

So poor old demented Winston Churchill was just a biased "story teller " in the 1930s.
Clearly older persons are not supposed to have opinions, so when is the cutoff age and how does that stack up with your current years, Noel.

Every opinion must by very basic truths adhere to some degree of bias and that is where current Journalists (they had to abandon the simpler older title of reporter as that no longer seemed appropriate), confuse news with their opinion as to what is relevant and of assistance to their much more open bias.

As to your request for proof just get next doors ten year old to google it for you on his iPhone, then choose which of the News outlets you read, there were many around the 16/17 of February 2015. The story then cantered on Libya as a departure point before the Turkish based option began their current mass migration.
you can even ignore Pamela Geller if you wish she was but one person giving the threat, since actioned, credence.

Then again you may well not want to be asked to consider the possible alternatives to your strongly held "un" biased opinions.

Howie said...

"what could in fact be a staged photo of a dead boy on a quiet beach"

Good God, there is no drowned boy! Wow, how deep does all this go old fella? Do yo think Obama could be ISIS? He was born in Kenya after all!

"The story then cantered (sic) on Libya as a departure point before the Turkish based option began their current mass migration.

Your story is certainly cantering old fella. And Libya/Turkey who cares, it's all basically the same place right? Africa, Asia, Europe, what's the difference?

Noel said...

All the news reports show unarmed people heading for Germany.
Which begs the question where is the stock pile of arms for the 500,000 Isis is claiming to have infiltrated amongst the refugees?

gravedodger said...

Sometimes on a 7" Tablet editing is fraught as spell check is disabled long with predictive.
So so sorry I misspelled centred.
Of course that meant you had to seek someone to do the basic comprehension required.

You think because I might question the authenticity of the Viral picture there are many opportunities to snipe at my basic premise.
Your many prejudices are showing.
Ageism, political presumptions, and just plain old moronic.

Anonymous said...

For some one who is sitting amongst his grape vines on a small island at the uttermost end of the earth you seem to have situation summed up. The magic of internet gives you instant understanding of what is happening and why.

Oh, for your insight. I currently work in London for an org that takes truck loads of toys and blankets for the Bosnian orphanages and we are now turning our attention to the current problem. The only niggle is that all these Jihadists seemed to have escaped our notice. Of course they probably will be using their children as human shields when they storm Westminster.

Why don't you get on plane and come on over for some real experience and you will find that Bosnian Muslims have no time for Afghanis etc etc.

Honestly, is there no end to peoples paranoia.