Sunday, September 13, 2015

Todays Big Question! Which was An Act of God?

Nearly 5 years ago, just after noon, a "House of God" in the central square of an outpost of Christendom, that many if not most locals  never bother to attend, was rent asunder at a time when there could have been hundreds in danger of entombment at high season for tourists in February, yet amazingly not a single  Christian Muslim  or even atheist was harmed.

Yesterday we had reports of a massive Crane toppling onto The Grand Mosque in Mecca, killing many and damaging hundreds more,  at worship in the widely regarded heart of Islam, c2015, during 'Friday Prayers' at a time of the year many Muslims from around the world are completing their 'Pilgrimage to Mecca' for the 'Haj Festival'.

For me neither was an act of god, the first was as a result of easily explained geophysical phenomena where different lumps of the earths crust move suddenly causing massive tremors affecting buildings.
The second  we are told, involved  a crane subjected to wind forces clearly outside strengths planned for.
The Village of the damned event was just inexplicably timed with significant good luck while in the very heart of Islam and  for many, a catastrophe, was inestimable bad luck and timing.

What odds, many will suggest both were as a result of the bloody Jus  in some inexplicable logic.

Recent speculation has been apparent of the danger to the Hagia Sophia from earthquakes.
Currently a museum in Istanbul that began its life as a grand cathedral of Eastern Orthodox Christians at the time the Paedo Prophet was beginning his stone-age religion, one little changed in one and a half millennia..
When Constantinople fell to the Ottomans in 1453 things changed and Mehmet converted the magnificent Cathedral to a Mosque. Things changed again when the Ottomans were disbanded following WW1 and a secular Turkey under  Mustapha Kemel Ataturk developed the nation that has the old, since renamed city, into a modern democratic state and that wonder of the world was de-secularised with all religious activity banned in 1934.
I guess there is ample opportunity for some wayward skyfairy to do their worst with earthquake and cranes, then my original questions could rage all over again.


Noel said...

Why ask the question if the evidence for the answer is known in both cases?
Oh silly me it's really about Christianity versus Islam.
You should be an Australian. No surprises there!

gravedodger said...

How many assumptions do you just make up Noel.
My nationality and ethnicity are fertile ground for you evidently, as if they are relevant.
Only here you missed my mental state, oh and then I am also old, senile and what else, just ask Howie.

It just might have been about Atheism, or luck, fortune, even idiocy but then you introduced that did you not.

Anonymous said...

Christians got killed in another church in Christchurch (salvaging some parts I recall) so this is bollocks. The cathedral is just a building that hardly anyone attends for real worship purposes - it was luck. Lots of it perhaps but still just luck.