Saturday, September 26, 2015

TINA As Prime Minister!

There Is No Alternative is bollocks and as a mantra will always end in tears.

TINA Savage became a legend and was saved from the inevitable by Herr Hitler then stomach cancer killed him before the infighting got him.
TINA Frazer was smashed by Holland.
TINA Holyoake left his transfer to Marshall too late.
TINA Nash was a bloody disaster.
TINA Kirk was cut down by death before his first term ended
TINA Muldoon ended in a drunken brain fart.
TINA Lange stopped for a cuppa tea.
TINA Bolger went Overseas.
TINA Shipley made TINA Clark look good, remember the old Kuia Jen kept close
TINA Key is losing his mojo.
There Is No Alternative is as useful and constructive as "Gee Didn't See That Coming".
TINA is no way forward as TINA can die or get rolled so  those who see the beginnings of the demise of John Key should at least have their fears acknowledged because the thousand cuts are not healing in spite of current polling.
Hardened old Nats are losing the ability to blindly support, too many are thinking 'why bother' as more examples of a regime in decline emerge and the one remaining positive is an opposition in disarray.

The fiasco that was the Northland by-election brought a ravaging drought to political stability, elevated The Possum  Head to a vote that had to be counted, gave the Apartheid party relevance beyond their numbers and the thought that a bunch of cretins under the leadership of an old "Last Hurrah"  pensioner with a penchant for a single malt and his obnoxious little prick  deputy, who has never bothered to correct the serious errors around his status as an equal to Willie Apiata, in a balance of power role,  has this fine nation of battlers facing a future as chaotic as Italy, post WW2.

Those of us chuckling or even mildly amused and gobsmacked at the charade of The West Island changing Prime Ministers as an almost annual event had better get used to electoral chaos.

Unless Key can begin to govern and by that I mean cease making policy based on a shilling media intent on his removal and a noisy otherwise totally ignorable minority who have embraced "Twitter" as a compass.
What this country is facing will make the last nearly three decades of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe look damned attractive. Even old Uncle Bob has some suggesting perhaps they needed some paler faced farmers to crank up the bread basket of Africa, only took 27 years to work that out, and some say a week is a long time in politics?

There Is Always An Alternative and last night we saw a reasonable effort from a future ALL Black Skipper, would have been nice though had McCaw left Cane to deal with the ref.
When Key goes, I would hope things will be better organised than when Hells tossed her toys. However I wont hold my breath, a small number of MPs who used to acknowledge my contact are now silent as I assume they know best and people who have been supportive and now might ask why, in  still equally well intentioned critical contact, leave one with a  feeling one should only attribute to lemmings.

The Flag debate.
Legislation around internet opinion that can easily be construed as 'bullying' when it is just a contrary view.
Suggesting worm farming is more dangerous than Friesian Bull farming.
A myriad of safety rules that over rule and abrogate personal responsibility.
Threatening to upgrade management failure as Manslaughter when much of the criminal code is predicated on "intent", a salient point that too often sees a murder pure and simple, made manslaughter, as in the bungled dairy robbery where a knife was carried into the crime scene.
Changing the legislated process by including a fifth flag option when an expert panel had done their job and been paid. Just because some 1.5% of the eligible voters made some noise.
Ignoring many well publicised serious incidents in State run Gaols while allowing less serious incidents at Serco to be employed as fodder by an inept Opposition.
Setting up a descendant of the Quigley "razor gang to review stupid ineffective rules that we all know will end with zero measureable  change.
Jumping up, "me too" over illegal immigrants when any thinking person with skin in the game understands many migrants such as Somalis will never integrate, embrace our values and way of life.
Trying to give Iraqi cowards some intestinal fortitude when their default is to cut, run and then try and change their spots.
Sucking up to the world champion beheaders who have again won the world series this time beating ISIS.
Stopping the long sales process ( years), of a chunk of short growing season, high fertilizer requirement land, no New Zealander wanted at any where near the negotiated price of 88 million, between the last fence successfully cleared and the finish line. Yes Bennet and Upston had that option but the downstream effects both domestic and international clearly were never the point, it was kneejerk reaction to Twitter and Media screeching.
And Freakin Pandering,  yes John Key made a credible defence of that in Question time but the headlines made copy in the mass media while a handful of tragics  who will never change their mind watched the lowest rating forum. Most voters have it firmly impressed in their feeble minds that "Key wants Pandas and it will cost millions".

Politics is perception and my perception is there are rotten spuds in the bag and unless they are sorted,  all will be rotten, sooner not later. Try growing a crop from rotten tubers, they will  not even sprout.

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Anonymous said...

" elevated The Possum Head to a vote that had to be counted " - couldn't figure out / recall what that translates to.
Many an election has been won and lost because of "it's the economy, stupid". If you look at the graphs that Treasury puts out, NZ debt has certainly become mountainous under JK. Saving him is that the red/green/chess-board/ et al (sans ACT) would have been far worse with their profligacy.