Saturday, September 5, 2015

"Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it"

An oft misquoted version attributed to George Santayana who actually wrote;  "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

After service in WW1 Herr Shickelgruber who won bravery decorations, became in the years after 1918 a very disenchanted political activist who variously lamented the terrible degradations that befell a defeated Germany, blaming them on three main causes;
A leadership that made a pigs arse of the war that should never have ended in defeat of The Kaiser's Prussian led Army.
The Jews on both sides who in his mind  ran the war for profit.
The quite onerous and unjustified impositions from the Treaty of Versailles, that ended WW1 and left a defeated Germany facing substantial reparations and economic chaos.
 His early efforts centred on ex-soldiers of a demobilised military who with their strong military background, no work and  struggling to adjust to peace,  variously formed up into street fighters opposed to the Weimar Government and the rising tide of Communism that followed the overthrow of old Tsarist Russia.

Things escalated until in 1922 a revolution was launched in the Bavarian City of Munich, labelled the "Beer Hall Putsch". It failed and most of the leadership of the fledgling Nazi Party, including Adolf were convicted and imprisoned. That sojourn gave Herr Hitler the time and opportunity to write a book with the assistance of another madman Rudolf Hess that became the blueprint for the establishment of the Third Reich and the blue print for how it unfolded over the next quarter century.

Display of Mein Kampf Royalty Free Stock Images

He pretty well wrote down his plans although settling the "Jewish problem was not specified as to its horrific final outcome, it was more a suggestion of taking conquered land and re homing them. 

The rest of the history is better known, apart from the pervasive refusal to believe growing evidence of a resurgent Germany and appeasement policies of two decades of political leaders who were completely in the thrall of a "never again"  political philosophy.
It finally unravelled on the 1st of September 1939 when the Lebensraum blue print clearly signalled in Mein Kampf, was launched with the invasion of Poland. It was only possible for a military who knew it was under-prepared but armed with the Ribbontrop/ Molotov pact ensuring Communist Russia under Stalin getting to embark on their wet dream of retaking the East of that fledgling Country in a betrayal of decades of boundary impositions imposed as a direct outcome of the Congress of Vienna  100 years earlier, would not mobilise and interfere with the Germanic expansion under the now dictatorial Nazis in moving the border west Of Germany and Poland just disappeared.

I think he miscalculated, he thought he had Chamberlain bluffed and it was a bit inconvenient when first the British then France declared war.

Churchill was pretty much a lone voice as Hitler rolled back all the restraints on German rearmament.
His secret police and paramilitary "Brown Shirts" who spearheaded the Nazi takeover were a formidable army in effect while the Wehrmacht was held at its post war one million men. The Luftwaffe had massive training options for pilots and aircraft development and The Kriegsmarine  took war preparations to formidable lengths.
By the end of the 1930s Germany was far and away the major military power in Europe yet Deladier of France and Chamberlain were certain that giving Herr Hitler little bits of the Rhineland, Czechoslovakia and Austria in defiance of the settlements of the first world war would maintain peace.
What a serious misjudgement that was, because had Hitler's witterings in Mein Kampf been studied and absorbed, the Invasion of Poland was the only next logical step and Barbarossa some 21 months later to take the rest of Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic states and reach the Caucasus Oil fields  was preordained. Yet Stalin spent days in disbelief in June 1941and the advances of the German Panzers was as spectacular and successful as Poland in Sept 1939 and The low Countries and France in May 1940.
That move to the west was not so well predicted as German strategic military thinking was predicated on appeasement and a loathing of total war would keep that as a defensive war or better still an armed standoff while a pacifist USA  remained an observer.
Hitler was always about increasing German Empire expansion to the agricultural lands to the East.
He was thwarted,  as was Napoleon, and every other big schemer who took on Mother Russia by "General Winter", who always seems to have a very bad weather cycle included in his military resources when needed.

Early this year, 2015, Islamic State made a political move public that it would send 500 000 "refugees" into Europe as a disruptive first move to expand Islam into Europe and it went unheeded.
Today seven months on we are watching that policy unfolding with the massive migration across the eastern and central Mediterranean into Italy, Greece, Hungary and on to Germany and France.
It is accompanied by clamouring of enablers and fifth columnists who want NZ and Australia to cease placing barriers to Islamist expansion.
Does the creation of no go areas in cities and even whole  cities such as Malmo in Sweden not ring alarm bells.
Those same treacherous enablers are the first to cry foul when some over zealous bureaucrat makes a stand against  homosexual "Marriage",  that flies in the face of her beliefs yet they say nothing when Islamist fundies hurl  blind folded gays to their deaths from high buildings, stone rape victims to death for "adultery",  murder Christians for their faith and enslave captured non Muslim women for the pleasure of the jihadists at the front line all the while obliterate great symbols of non Islam structures and monuments just because they can.

Wake up people, our culture, beliefs and freedoms are under sustained attack in a war, that if a counter stroke starts now will take a century to win if even then, in the eyes of western military planners.
Yet again History is being ignored.
The fact Islam was prevented from conquering Europe was another  miracle when they were stopped at the Pyrenees and expelled from the Iberian Peninsula by the early 17th century, at the Gates of Vienna 100 years before WW1, and the remnant Ottoman Empire was broken nearly 100 years ago.
Still they come again

It will never be them and us,  it has always been them or us for one and a half millennia and counting.
While all other great religions and faiths have evolved to various states of acceptance and coexistence throughout the rest of the planet over the passage of time, Islam is still predicated on their mob being the one true and even some of their brethren reading the same Quran and its supplements pretty much unaltered for all that time since the Paedophile Philandering Murderous  Prophet made his founding stand early in the seventh century, can be deemed to be not pure enough when things go a bit quiet and they can suffer at the hands of the murderous thugs at present creating mayhem in the deserts where it all began.


Anonymous said...

Europe and the West - what was once called Christendom - are supposed to be the bad guys in the Middle East. It is we who bomb, corrupt and invade the Muslims of the Middle East. It is we who support the vicious dictators of the Middle East (unless they are disobedient to our wishes). It is we who suck out the fossil treasures of the Middle East, its oil and its natural gas. We are, are we not, the infidels? And true, Syria's refugees, in their millions, have settled into the squalor of camps on the edges of Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. But the hundreds of thousands of poor and huddled masses who wish to flee further from their tormentors are not sailing in leaking boats to where you might expect them to go - to the "ummah", to Islam's beating heart, to the land where the Prophet lived and where he received the word of God. No, the destitute of the Middle East are not heading for Saudi Arabia, the wealthy kingdoms of the Gulf, to pray for help from the builders of great mosques and the Keepers of Holy Places.
It's not because they think we're a soft touch. It's not because they want to scrounge on our generosity. I suspect it's because they know enough about Europe and our history and about us - not our tin-pot politicians - to know that we are good people, that we are kind people. I think they know that, deep beneath our carapace of cynicism and materialism and our lack of religious faith, the idea of humanism is alive in Europe and that we can be decent, good, thoughtful, honest people.

Howie said...

Given that you brought up Hitler and everything, who is it proposing the singling out of a religious minority for special treatment, including mass expulsion, removal of rights and so on, while shrieking hysterically about how it's US OR THEM!!! Sound familiar mien dummkopf?