Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Real Reason It Was Ugly.

The second half of the Namibia game some are suggesting indicates the ABs are in trouble took 51 minutes to deliver the scheduled 40 but worse that 51 long minutes only delivered  a paltry 12 minutes of action.
The modern All Blacks often make their win in the last 20 minutes of what is nearly two hours of a game and in the best traditions of the Titch tactics it comes from high paced relentless attack.
 The answer as first developed by the Poms who havn't really overcome their feelings of dispossession,  is meetings to discuss a forming lineout, multiple srum resets, prolonged application of ice to a key player, confusion over who is actually on the paddock and now a facet  George Ayub has made an artform, the TMO.

How long did they spend searching for an accidental offside in that ruck? When the rules have no such offence as if there was there would be an accidental offside in almost every one.
How far back in the attack do they research looking for an infringement when they are only looking at the attack and just as our old "mate" Wayne did in Cardiff eight years ago totally ignore successive offending by those defending.

Of course the NZ team could not score points they were getting cold and starting to look for the final whistle while officials justified their attendance.

Good on Namibia, that was a well taken and executed try, their tactics limited the score but as a spectacle to advance the game in front of millions it was dead boring and could have been called off with a mercy rule at half time!


The Veteran said...

sage comment. How many times have we seen it ... a good team wanting to play the expansive game frustrated by an opponent committed to playing 'tight' rugby. Still, that was their game plan and they stuck to it (mostly) while the ABs can be rightly criticized for not stepping up the pace in the second half (last seven minutes excluded) and blowing them off the park.

Anonymous said...

I hope Ayub is not appointed for any of the ABs knock-out games. He is a menace to the sport, and seems to have a vendetta against good rugby. The TMOs for the rest of the ABs pool games are not Australian you will be pleased to know - so that rules out George.