Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Liberal Party

Tony Abbott has been removed and Malcolm Turnbull has been installed.

The cold hard politics of it all never gave Abbott a chance.  As well, he made some monumental stuff ups, none the least of which was the idiotic knighthood bestowed on Price Charles.  A good bloke destroyed by a relentless media beat up.

Turnbull has a big job ahead of him convincing conservative members of the Liberal Party to support him.  I have always regarded him with disdain but the fact is he is the leader and I am not about to undermine my party by commenting publicly in a derogatory way.  He's in the chair so let's see what he can do.  I might have something to say in three months or so.

Meanwhile, the ALP has a problem.  It and its acolytes at the ABC and Fairfax have invested all their effort in demonizing Tony Abbott.  Now he is gone, they find themselves in a vacuum.  Nobody to hate anymore.  They simply don't know what to do next.

If they continue to obstruct in the Senate I can see Turnbull pulling the trigger on a double dissolution and winning.

Oh the irony.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor Howie. If bullshit was butter, he'd own Fonterra.

gravedodger said...

So Howie using all your political awareness, explain to us all waiting with baited breath just how Mr Abbott managed to smash both Juliar and Krudd so totally as although he does have some minimal support from a few thinking journalists the vast majority loathed him and more than a few ran with the sort of shrill feral hatred you exhibit, but to a one ABC and Fairfax never waivered in their pathetic crusade while ignoring all that was rotten and boy was there plenty of that, in defending the indefensible, Slipper, Craig Thompson, remind us again where is Craig living at present.

Howie, politically Tony Abbott is dead and unlike the PMs why preceded him to the block in Canberra in the last two decades apart from Johnnie Howard following his last defeat, Tony Abbott will be very unlikely to white ant, scheme and plan a return, he is an honourably man but that is something you and your deranged mates will never understand.

For every thing that matters Howie let it go, even his fiercest critics in the opposition and the media are now admitting Abbott was a decent bloke and very successful in his removal of a toxic and disastrous pair of worse ALP PMs in the persons of Rudd and Gillard.
It is only the insane and the demented who are still carrying the bone around all the doors to see if one is ajar.

Humble in victory and graceful in defeat are still admirable traits but you and your equally deranged sycophants are now standing with all your credibility around your ankles.

'Ankles' now that would be a very appropriate name for you Howie, your feral hatred for any opposing view leaves you bereft of anything worthy.

You Howie, wouldn't need Angostura for a pink gin, the moment the glass touched your lips the bitters would be right there waiting.

Noel said...

Destroyed by the media?
In 1971 I was vilified, spat at and called a "baby killer" a result of media reporting.
Whilst the media was a factor it wasnt the only factor.
Simplistic rationales usually don't tell the whole story.

Noel said...

I wonder if the Roy Morgan poll before the ousting was another factor?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, I doubt it. I suspect the major factor was the feeling that Tony Abbott would bring on a double dissolution after thee Canning by-election, resulting in the loss of a number of Liberal seats.

Hence my comment 'oh the irony.'

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, it appears I'm wrong. According to The Australia, most of Turnbull's support caame from those in safe seats.