Monday, September 28, 2015

Step one Legislate, step two Ban, step three Hangon!

Back in the day a Captain Startup saw UFOs near Kaikoura from his Bristol  Freighter flight deck, turns out it was images of squid boats powerful lights reflecting from cloud cover.
Only that took some time to be revealed

Two days ago Captain Morgan (who writes these scripts), reported a "Drone" at six thousand feet near Kaiapoi on the Harewood flight path.

Today Slater does a credible job of casting serious doubt that Cap'n Morgan's claim had any credibility.

In the meantime anyone with time and an opinion variously called for action as such a threat to aviation must be nipped in the bud.

Ban Drones, screamed headlines. Ahem Drones are very sophisticated military unmanned aircraft that can fly many kilometres and accurately hit small targets, the toys and commercial radio controlled craft used for pleasure, observation and photography are battery powered in the main and
would struggle to reach the height claimed by Cap'n Morgan (I did  wonder  as I read that, was he wearing an eyepatch and talking pirate).
Oh and the military ones don't usually go high unless the terrain is high asl, as ground hugging is a best practice.

Anyway what exactly would any "Ban" achieve, Guns are banned from criminals who choose to employ them in criminal acts, but hang on they are banned and it don't work FFS whodathunkthat.
Any ban or other limiting legislated rule only applies to those with sufficient respect and agreement to comply and are therefore almost always ineffectual.

What happens to a "surf kite" when the 'rider' loses control, I would imagine in the light airs we have had lately 6000 ft would be reachable with the tow ropes for stability, even some kites can make some amazing flights when things are in favour.

So as a possible solution, have all our domestic aircraft carrying humans  immediately fitted with radar controlled missile defense to engage potential object that might collide with an aircraft and take it out.
Dangerous, stupid, idiotic you say,  what could possibly go wrong.
Makes as much sense as a bloody ban IMEHO.

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