Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Smalley Whines, Ardern Silent.

KPMG public face again fails to understand a basic truth.

In yet another error filled oped,  the 0500 hrs Newstalk ZB voice of no reason made a convoluted pathetic attempt to answer the many clearly unhelpful comments following League guru Graeme Lowe's accurate opinion that he saw Ardern as  "a pretty little thing", on morning TV last week. Now that is a valid opinion he expressed on the young lady who apparently is rated by a margin of error proportion of the population in a recent poll as a  preferred Prime Minister.
Such nonsense polls should be ignored as she has no possibility of ascending to that office any time soon. A series of facts stand in her pathway.
The Trade Unions will select the next leader of the Labour Party and there seems little indication there is any move to initiate the execution of current NZLP leader Angry Andy Little who through purloining some Melon support has inched the NZLP just over 30% but still short of the vote share that saw Two Snapper have his time called.
There is David Silent "T", founder of Fonterra, who has never to my understanding ever given an
unequivocal assurance he has abandoned any hope of a Lazarus move.
David Parker, legend in his own mind, ever a contender until reality sets in.
Kelvin Davis who has scored more effective hits than any other Labour MP in recent weeks.
Grunter, who although having made a half arsed call he is no longer a contender  is and has been giving a serious lie to that as a  possibility with any credence.
Stuart Nash who some see as a contender who has at least actually got off his bum and won a seat back from National.
In spite of their apparent undesirable gender assignment at birth, would all be better equipped as a PM.

 Then the Labour party and enough support parties would need to achieve a potential majority in the parliament that conveys sufficient authority to the GG for the holder of that office to invite Ms Ardern to form a government, not forgetting those support parties all have an ambitious leader and in the case of the Melons two of them and on current polling there is not even any indication that Key is in any trouble at present.
The news on that score is not that great for The Nats though with Their own 'Little' man on cockup number three, or is that four in the last month,  giving a graphic impression a third termitus infection is in need of a course of antibiotics.

So Ms Smalley's effort only revealed just how unprepared Jacinda is in any speculation stakes.  Hell even the last Labour PM holds a place in preferred PM polling just adrift of Ardern in the margin of error territory and she has been gone from the parliament for seven years.

The young lady at the centre of the speculation, set up by a poll she may well be wishing had never happened, notwithstanding the old theory there is no such thing as bad publicity, has a short parliamentary career as a list MP, a failed attempt to win  Auckland Central from Nikki Kaye in the "Battle of the Babes", has only the chairpersonship of world youth socialists on a CV that has absolute zero entries on any commercial work experience.

If Smalley thought she was in any way giving Ardern a boost she might have been so much more helpful had she let the whole joke just die and give JA some years in the parliament to build her useless experience to a point where her colleagues  might think time serving is sufficient asset accumulation for a potentially successful run for the top job.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Dick Seddon doesn't feature on the preferred PM lists when lefties froth about the right wing (long gone from NZ) and lose sight of reality for longer than usual.