Friday, September 18, 2015

Selling state assets v selling private assets

The Government was pretty quick to "flog off" shareholdings in the electricity companies and proudly announce it as good economics.  Hey, they needed the money for future investment, right?

Stevensons wanted to "flog off" its farms and release $88 million to for its own future investment, and to provide jobs and growth.

State asset sales = good.

Private asset sales = bad.

What's the difference between Labour and National again?  Oh, that's right, "the people are better!"

Better at what?  Confiscating private wealth it seems. 


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So would you have no ministerial discretion in these matters?

I'd like to hear the Ministers' reasons for their decision before going any further.

Nick K said...

No, I wouldn't. Then the government could completely separate itself from the process. What's the difference between a NZ government Minister deciding someone can't sell their land and Bainamarama deciding the same thing in Fiji?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

BTW Nick, if you had seen some of the so-called independent bodies operating in Australia recently you might not be so keen on dispensing with ministerial discretion.

The ABC and the Human Rights Commission are a couple of salutary examples.

The Veteran said...

Govt made absolutely the right decision in approving Shanghai Maling Acquarius Group taking a 50% equity stake in Silver Fern farms. The $261m pymt exceeded expectations and the farmer shareholders are the winners with the Company now offered preferential access into the Chinese market.

There is a legal test to be applied in approving sales to o'seas buyers. The judgement of Ministers Bennett and Upston is that, on the info supplied, it did not meet that test. The OIO report to Govt had it that the decision was finely balanced and recommended approval. Clearly Ministers Bennett and Upston thought otherwise. I would hope that they excluded from their considerations the entirely xenophobic campaign waged by Labour, the Greens and Winston First in drumming up opposition to the sale. Their action was wrong and remains wrong.

For the record and on the information available to me, I would have approved the sale.

Anonymous said...

Capitalism is where man exploits man. Socialism on the other hand is exactly the opposite.

Paranormal said...

So Anon at 9.24, that's why socialist leaders live luxurious lifestyles? They're simply sharing the workers benefits then.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well said Para

Compare the lifestyles of Dubbya and Gore.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And BTW, if indeed the decision was a result of fearing a political backlash, don't blame the ministers. Blame the three nasty cretins who played the anti ChingChong card. Little, Twyford and Peters.


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