Sunday, September 27, 2015


Without doubt ....

South Africa vs Japan
Italy vs Canada
England vs Wales

Any argument on that?

For my old mate Gravedodger ... Canty vs Taranaki today ... as an 'old' Hawera boy and all I can say say is 'eat your heart out'.

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gravedodger said...

Nah Vet this is a great time to recall it is only a game, he says as he is hurting inside.
My old College Rector had to deliver on too many Monday mornings, that cop out that no one really accepts.

Four games in 13 days and they only got over Mooloo as a last gasp, whereas The Naki smashed them 40 to zip just days ago.

Well done The Naki, beware, just have a wee looky at what the Boks did to Samoa, that was ruthless.
Very sad for de Villiers, injured out of a world cup for a second time