Monday, September 21, 2015

Put It Another Way

David Farrar reports:-

"Head of the PPTA, Angela Roberts, said it wanted Cambridge gone as it was undermining NCEA, and was calling for a ban."

Head of  Parents For Education, Bill Bloggs, said it wanted the PPTA gone as it was undermining education and he was calling for a ban."

(Note the illiterate reporter who wrote this piece for the Labour Trash Tabloid would have failed any Cambridge exam but would have flown through NCEA.  According to him/her/it, Cambridge was calling for a ban.)


Noel said...

I have reservations using Cambridge in State Schools. After all we taxpayers have spent a lot of money getting NCEA to the standard it now has. I've never been able to establish just who pays the fees to Cambridge if a State School adopts it.
Presumably the taxpayer again.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... nah, the student sitting the examination pays. It's a choice thing. Along with the International Baccalaureate offered by (I think) six NZ Schools. Some see it as an advantage particularly those seeking entry to o'seas universities.

Noel said...

IB charges schools 16000 dollars per year.
I presume there is a registration fee the schools have to pay for Cambridge over and above the course fees paid for by the students.
Just how much the registration is and who pays it I don't know.

Allan said...

The sooner the Government destroys the PPTA the better. They are a blight on our Educational system and promote nothing but their self interests at the expense of the education of the youth of our society. The PPTA protects bad teachers and promotes bad programs which is shown by their abject hatred of any form of assessment of teachers and the use of the Cambridge exam in schools.

Psycho Milt said...

Thanks for dropping by to remind us what the government's primary/secondary education policies are really all about, Allan.

The Veteran said...

PM ... you might want to authenticate your comment that the policy of the Govt is to destroy the PPTA. I would have thought they are managing that all by themselves rather well thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

My granddaughter from a private school got 100% English in Cambridge.
(never thought that was ever given anywhere) then went on to NZCA Scholarship getting a Outstanding Scholarship Award. This cover both education angles.
Just finishing a four year double degree at Auckland Uni, with top Internship starting in January.