Sunday, September 27, 2015


Check the headline here 'Prisoners Sacked from Unit after Home Brew found in Cells'.    Home brew in prisons!!!! ... quelle surprise.

But hold on, isn't Rimutaka Prison run by the Corrections Department?   How could this possibly happen then ... I mean they can't be the government version of that evil Serco ... can they?

Watch for Bevan Hamlin, head honcho of the Corrections Union call for a 10% pay increase as the answer to the problem.


Noel said...

We could take the vegemite off them I suppose.
Home brew in prison? How could that happen? Oh that's right it a place where there a lot of people with plenty of time on their hands who quickly become expert at covert activity.

pdm said...

Noel - you conveniently miss the point.

No one doubts that prisoners will take every opportunity to get involved in such activities. It is people like you and your mates that say that this only happens in Serco run prisons.

Howie said...

But I thought the private sector did everything much much better than the state, which is why we pay them massive sums of money to colossally mismanage our prisons. Why are you resorting to trawling the media for stories about minor failings in the state run prisons if that's true?

The Veteran said...

Howie ... so making booze in prisons, if true (so, are you saying the media is telling lies?) is a minor failing! What then about the escapes, suicides, drug dealing and the beatings?.

In the latest prison performance rankings no prisons were rated 'exceptional'. Six were rated as 'exceeding targets' while eight were rated as 'effective'. Three were rated as 'needing improvement'. Guess what ... all of the later were run by the Corrections Department.

Clearly Serco has something to answer for in respect of Mt Eden. They receive a financial penalty. Tell me, what happens when a State run prison f**ks-up? Save you the trouble of answering ... sweet fa with the officer(s) involved moved sideways. Such is the power of the Union.

Howie said...

"Three were rated as 'needing improvement'. Guess what ... all of the later were run by the Corrections Department."

Well, duh, look at the numbers, maroon. Anyway, your answer is to turn all prisons into the Mt Eden Remand Centre and pay Serco hundreds of millions to overlook the savage physical abuse of anyone unfortunate enough to be one of their clients. They're that fucking good. Idiot.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Vet, our resident fuckwit is accusing you of benig a Queenslander.

Nookin said...

I see that the media also failed to report on the fact that, according to the High Court, corrections acted in bad faith, inferentially vindictively, when reclassifying one Arthur Taylor's security status.

It seems that reporting is determined by the reporter's political agenda.

As I read the post, it is about balanced reporting. Howie's vituperative response indicates that he does not live in a world of balance. Sadly, in addition to his complete lack of objectivity, he thinks nastiness is a tachnique of persuasion. Just makes your eyes glaze over really.

Howie said...

Well, Nookie, all this demonstrates is how appallingly bad this administration is at doing its job. Can't get the heroic private sector to do what it apparently does best, and can run it itself. You still love them though don't you?

"Just makes your eyes glaze over really."

Nah, buddy, that's just the JK Kool Aid you've been drinking (mixed with cheap vodka of course).