Thursday, September 17, 2015

Poll Driven Fruitcakes, Another Howler!

  After many months of Crats being Crats, two Sheila's, one who is talked about as a future of National, have vetoed the sale of Lochinver to the Chinese.

In spite of other legislated Crats having decided after a very full investigation in their little cratsville village hall to allow the sale to proceed.

Had it been the Canadian Pension fund, a European University, or a bloody Hollywood princess would this have been the same ruling.
Lets ask if Mr Key's bestie  golf buddy decided it was a good bolthole for when he leaves office would those two wannabees have said no

If I was at the point of sale for my little bit of paradise here in Akaroa only to have a couple of Nancys, who having had a poll suggest it was not politically advisable even though fully compliant with current law and due process,  step in and veto such a sale, I would be of a mind to seek damages.

If the two blouses made this decision without running it past the Meister, TUI anyone,  they should immediately arrange for their increasingly socialist administration to buy the farm at the price negotiated by the Asians.

When did NZ Inc decide we had sufficient overseas investment or is this decision just a disgraceful example of state Xenophobia.

Are we as a Nation open for investment or not, a totally ludicrous decision that could have serious downstream repercussions and another of the thousand cuts that will have Mr Key with much time for pondering where it all went wrong.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I think I'd like to hear the ministers' reason before I pass judgement. After all, why have ministers' discretion if it is never to be used?

GD it would be helpful if you could provide a link to a report of an event when you are describing it.

All the best