Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pathetic Is Not Quite Strong Enough.

Colin Slade suffers a knock and leaves training early its his leg, hang on he rolled an ankle, no he banged his freakin knee.

Cripes while thousands of players, some on the way up and others on the way out are involved in the NPC with games almost every day and sometimes several on a given day, where the real base of NZ Rugby is going on hour on hour, the third ranked 1st five selected for a competition not starting for weeks skins his knee and the MSM are holding their breath. Ffs he was considered a little fortunate to be there in front of the man who was the difference in the Highlander's Super title success.

More newsworthy is the fact that the one player whose selection is genuinely requiring some explanation does not get out of bed to attend training. Now that whole unfathomable mystery is worthy of investigation.
Will, some where down the track, facts emerge that will have a decent dollop of egg dripping from Tew's dial over why Bill Williams was included in the 31, while Crotty, Piatau Dagg, Jane, Sopoaga and Andy Ellis are being brought before the principal to be told they weren't good enough for now.

Of course there were and always have been unlucky players and with 41 to be cut to 31 there would be some discussion and even controversy , but the fact remains that unlucky ten and another dozen or so in the NPC need to be kept motivated, fit and ready to get on a plane any time until the All Blacks last game of the coming tournament kicks off.

If it had been Naholo, who after being considered in the opinion of many to have had his RWC prospects ended with a lower leg fracture that has apparently mended spectacularly after some alternative treatment options back in a Fijian Village, had had a scare, that might have had some residual merit as News because of the rules around recurring injury, but Slade? his knee, "carried from training", sheesh.
He is a talent who has had an unfortunate run of injuries some due to his penchant to give his all, a knock to a knee??

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