Tuesday, September 29, 2015

One Week Ago And Little Has Changed.

We are both still somewhat traumatised.
We recently had a family group conference with both of us present and decided to close one of our joint accounts at the Bank, a situation that had evolved when,  because,  well, not sure now but as we  were not liable for any bank fees, sort of extravagance in a way.
Now for over 50 years we have had everything as Joint and it has worked out well but Swmbo's pension went to one joint a/c and Moi had his credited to the other and mine has all our APs on it so to close one it was clear to a blind man with a broken white cane it would be hers for sheer simplicity.

Then we only had to tell DSW to just do it in the very best Nike traditions. What could possibly go wrong?
Well plenty as it turned out.

As those close to us  know, Swmbo has Parkinson currently living with her, turned up nearly five years ago and although a bit of a druggie he has made minimal changes to our strong relationship or much of our lifestyle, so in all innocence and with Parky in tow, he is a persistent bastard,  we were at Eastgate Mall or Linwood for those who go back aways,  last Tuesday, and a local service centre was pointed out as having a DSW office, bloody marvellous, well no, not quite.

You see Swmbo has decided she would rather not be included in the address for service at our bank,  Parky being always contributing unwanted paranoia  to her life, so the bit of Paper stamped with the banks date stamp and the signature of our personal manager, containing the account we wanted closed and the one to remain, both clearly joint accounts with both names recorded had only my name at the top. That was when a frost descended, it was around 1430hrs, and we were treated with extreme sanction and prejudice at the hands of the tattooed pierced young woman who was never going to help us, I wonder if she had a finger on the alarm button all the time.
The scene was clearly a case of a domineering abusive old man taking clear advantage over the pension of a helpless lady, no other interpretation.
The fact that swmbo with her basic Judo skills could have me begging mercy in seconds may not be obvious but not even an offer to go to an interview station, or perhaps a separate interview for each of us to assess if she was indeed making a clear and reasonable choice of her own free will, nope!!
 Just "leave" the only option on offer backed by the large security guard who had requested ID before we got in the door, another equally  intimidating man in close proximity, like well within earshot, while we were making our business request at the public counter and a third a female in security garb, also clearly not to be messed with, who opened the door for our exit.

Suddenly and without warning or previous we were just white trash and it is still a massive feeling of surprise, shock and bewilderment a week later.
 OK so it was Linwood as another acquaintance pointed out, but Pope Frank On  A Tricycle  It was  Christchurch wasn't it
A week, in which the local heartland office here in paradise, also within the city limits,  with nary a security person in town has processed our request with no fuss and no drama,  has passed but that experience is still having an impact.

Please don't get me wrong here, I was as distressed as anyone when that nutter went Feral and killed those two ladies in the  Ashburton WINZ office but what we encountered at Linwood probably would only have included the security people as victims and done very little to mitigate damage if another nutter happened to go bad in a repeat or copycat effort.
I guess we were fortunate not to have been strip searched and had a body cavity examination right there at the counter.

The world is a changing and it sure aint for the better.

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