Saturday, September 5, 2015


Back in Godzone after an extended period in Fiji along with memsahib.  For Adolf .... thank you for your recommendation re Fiji Bitter.   Nice drop.   Have imbibed the amber fluid around the world but I don't think I've ever had a beer served as cold as it was at First Landing Resort and the Vuda Marina.

Fiji is passionate about rugby and hyped up about their chances in the World Cup.   Saw a couple of games while I was there including the final of the Deans (Secondary Schools) Competition played in front of a crowd of 18,000.    The rugby was played with flair and passion and one can understand why some knowledgeable o'seas commentators are picking Fiji to make it through the 'Pool of Death'.

Caught up with my old mate Sitivene (Steve) Rabuka who resides in gentile retirement in Suva.   Steve enjoys a love hate (mostly hate) relationship with the PM, Josaia (Frank) Bainimarama.    I suspect it's all to do with power and prestige.   While both were senior military officers Rabuka enjoys a measure of standing with the Great Council of Chiefs while Bainimarama has made a point of trying to limit their powers.

The country appears to be enjoying a period of economic growth buttressed by the tourism sector although wages remain low and unemployment hovers around the 8% mark.   The main Opposition Party (SODELPA) is in disarray with a number of their MPs calling for resignation of their leader while, in the Northern Province of Ra, there have been a couple of dozen arrests over the last few days of persons charged with sedition in attempting to set up a breakaway 'Christian' State orchestrated by a Fiji national with ties to the British military.

You continue to place your life in Gods hands travelling Fiji roads.   Reminds me of Malaya back in the 1960s only worse .... but, as I said, the beer is great.


Noel said...

Was a time when Fiji was a great destination for families. Childen on piggy back airfares and all you can eat meals.Last time I visited was during the long drought wh
ere the roadside vegitation died off revealing the mess that Fiji really is.

So closing ones eyes when the van driver approaches a blind corner or the brow of a hill remains the best option.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Interesting comment Noel. When the roadside vegetation in NZ dies off, I doubt it would be much different.

The Veteran said...

Noel .... sensible advice.