Thursday, September 24, 2015

Nutters to Run Asylums, Arsonists to run Fire Brigades and Murderous Bastards to run the Human Rights UN Agency.

For more evidence the UN is "tits", look no further.

A country that has racked up over 135 executions so far in 2015 and I would suspect that will be a rather doubtful statistic, somewhat understated,  are currently advertising for an additional eight executioners to carry out the variety of grizzly ways to end the lives of those deemed to have caused offense to the State.
One youth convicted of joining a Shiite group during the "Arab Spring" was sentenced to be Crucified and beheaded, I have yet to work out which order that will occur but he had his sentence confirmed last week meaning he could be dispatched any day.

This country, an auspicious member of the UN has had it's Ambassador to Switzerland appointed to head a UN "Human Rights Committee" in Geneva.
Faisal bin Hassan Trad, representing the current world champion for Beheadings, beating ISIS into the Silver medal, is clearly the best man for the job. Too bad the half of the Saudi population were excluded before the finals because they had no penis and therefore apparently could not drive in for the interview.

As a callow youth who had avoided the killing zones of WW1 and WW2  but was constantly being reminded of  how those events just happened, WW1 because of a complicated series of treaties and diplomatic arrangements that led inexorably to a massive conflict very few wanted. Then recent history informed how in spite of the well intentioned but totally flawed "League of Nations" another greater conflagration erupted, I recall getting somewhat excited when the Brits and the French set out after Nasser while the great socialist experiment was forced to resort to soldiers, tanks and guns to remind the people of Hungary they needed help whether they wanted it or not.  As a third former wondering if the threatened next big show would last until I could get there.
However I had a great respect and expectation that the UN could ensure wars might just be consigned to History, How bloody naïve!

The same UN that is a totally discredited outfit that rivals welfare as a destructive force in the world today.

I understand that Saudi has enough money to turn its towel heads from the sands of the Arabian Peninsula into anything they might wish to be, but to suggest they can be diplomats, and world leaders in the fields of Human rights is an indictment on the Idiocy that the UN in all its naked inanity is no longer fit for purpose,  if it ever was, in truth.


Howie said...

"The same UN that is a totally discredited outfit that rivals welfare as a destructive force in the world today."

I agree, it's not a destructive force at all and is overall a net good, like social assistance. For once, you are correct. A stopped clock and all that. And you have a well thought out, evidence-based alternative of course...

Noel said...

"However I had a great respect and expectation that the UN could ensure wars might just be consigned to History..."

Nah too much of an ask. No standing military of its own, no mandate without consensus from a diverse group of counties with their own individual ideological viewpoints and their only option once deployed to try to keep the peace.

Mind you there have been no World Wars during it's tenure so one could argue it has limited war.

gravedodger said...

Fair comment Noel, too many still die, there is no singing Fat Lady in view.

@ Howie could you give us a hint what it would take for a nation to never be considered as a leader of a Human Rights Committee.

"Stoning rape victims to death for "adultery""
Beheading Gays, what if one of that very large bunch of half Brothers should be a little bit queer?
Cutting hands and feet off crims.
Crucifying AND beheading, just a bit OTT to my mind.
Making it illegal for women to drive cars, go down to a mall unaccompanied, sharing the favours of a self appointed masterful husband, attend Higher Learning, lie on a beach in a Bikini, all the while being a chattel of the lord and master who can get rid of an old one by stating "I divorce thee" three times while eating an icecream.
No gambling, boozing or lending for interest here at home but when you get to Vegas???
I understand the above are all OK with you but is there a red line, anywhere.

Then there is Gloriavale could good old Hopefull Christian be a candidate for your idea of a suitable Chairman of a Human Rights Outfit, just asking.

What bit about "Human Rights" escapes your steel trap mind.

gravedodger said...

Should have read "but entirely legal sharing the favours of a masterful husband", became distracted with an image of every one in for an orgy tonight!!

Anonymous said...

Stolen from elsewhere:

You can not spell unethical without the UN

Lets see off the top of my head here,
Kofi and son running food for oil scam with Saddam.
Sex for protection. UN forces in Congo (or elsewhere in Africa)
Standby and watch Houti’s and Tutsi, Burundi.
Standby and watch ethnic genicide, Western Sudan.
Standby and watch militarisation and take over of South Lebanon by Hezbollah.

There is no point in this totally corrupt morally repugnant waste of our taxpayers money.
If we had type of morality in our government we would at least defund the bits we don’t like, following the lead of the Prime Minister of Canada.