Monday, September 7, 2015

Now That Would Be Very Good News!

For one with an inner ear  aberration that can deliver motion sickness while standing on a wharf surrounding by bobbing boats or even while driving a vehicle, an announcement today from The Imperial College via a Neurology Publication on a possible cure is, well exciting.

Current cures/preventions either deliver very little or leave me almost comatose, so this one seems to be the goods, he says more in hope than belief

A series of electrodes attached to the scalp connected to a mobile device give a mild shock to parts of the brain that process the signals from the eyes and ears, that in the confused motion rich environment around aircraft and more particularly boats, cause motion sickness in varying degrees of incapacitating outcomes.

Within five years it is suggested a pharmacy will sell a kit that will allow most of the many who through a phobic fear of the debilitation travel can deliver, make sometimes unfathomable  decisions.
Decisions  that to those who can eat cold fat encrusted mutton chops while standing in a pall of fuel fumes on a wallowing tinny, rod in hand and watch with disdain a pathetic fellow fisher placing 'burley' from a totally evacuated stomach, are a total mystery.

Not having to choose between the feeling of drowsiness and totally lethargic energy reserves from a bout of travel sickness and the equally debilitating feeling s of incapacity from drugs that preclude driving after a ferry crossing, this is a truly life changing announcement.


Tinman said...

I gather you are advising of a cure for travel sickness (or the announcement of the possibility of such a cure).

Why didn't you say so?

Noel said...

Sympathy. Clearing a imaginary neurotoxin isn't nice.

Doesn't relate to your Islamophobia does it?

Sorry couldn't resist but agree motion sickness isn't nice.

Anonymous said...

Travel sickness does relate to Islamophobia. The connection is obvious.

Lord Egbut Nobacon