Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Now That Is What We Pay You For Mr Key.

Making decisions, now can we expect the tales of woe and angst to be dismissed as they should  be, and quick smart would be great.

Yes there will be some who will screech and whine but to place the Kermadec Trench second only to the Marianna's and utilising the vast bit of the Pacific into a sanctuary is a real step up.

To the Nelson Tuna Boat skipper you are only being diverted there are still thousands of bloody square miles of Ocean remaining for you.

Pity we are so under prepared to police this reserve but our ocean surveillance is second to none and hopefully Uncle Sam will help out with some muscle, might pay to get regular ship visits back methinks.

New Zealand is uniquely placed to serve up this meaningful  environmental protection move with its very rare large sea area in relation to its land area with the Chathams, Auckland Is and the Kermadecs giving it some serious expanse.

That Mr Ms and Mrs Green is real Blue green in action while you and your numpty mates are tilting at windmills and boy have the odds for bloody wind turbines been falling lately.
How many actually knew that the life expectancy of your bog standard wind turbine is twenty years and replacement is more economical than rebuild so if the massive subsidies disappear there will be acres and hectares of rusting bird killers blighting the landscape, well  for ever really, as it is hard to see anyone clearing the multimillion dollar oops up. Certainly not a now bankrupt "alternative Energy provider".

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