Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kirralie Smith, a Little Aussie Battler!

Halal Certification first came to our notice as the Live Sheep Trade to the middle east, back in the day, allowed the beginnings of an accompanying chilled meat trade BUT!

It was a rather large and expensive 'but'.
As with so much around Islam there seems to be a requirement for additional barbarity and offensive process to matters those of us with a compassion streak, think should always be seeking more humane and acceptable methods.

As a youth I learned to slaughter sheep for mutton and  dogtucker, an early hint as to such matters included speed and certainty as prime movers in the dispatch of the victim to bring death as quickly as possible, before a flood of adrenaline surged through the meat rendering it tougher and if taken to extremes, inedible.

So after  quietly and peacefully placing the animal lying on its side, a slash of a sharp knife and an immediate accompanying snapping of the c vertebra and severing of the spinal cord was the goal, and the now brain dead from spinal shock, animal, bled out.

That was how for years and years slaughtermen dispatched sheep in slaughter houses first as "solo butchers where one butcher killed then skinned and removed the head and offal leaving a dressed(how quaint was that terminology) carcass hanging on the rail ready for chilling down. A good "solo" could deliver such a result in around one minute.
Then came the "Chain" where nothing much changed except each bit of the process was handled by a succession of slaughertermen, up to 30/35 in number as the body travelled past on a moving "chain", performing a small part of what the Solo did previously in total.

Islam had a different take on what was the role for the poor bloody sheep. The paedo laid down in his teachings that the victim had to be "aligned to Mecca", the neck muscles oesophagus, trachea and blood vessels were to be severed allowing the now suffering, mortally wounded animal  to bleed out while consciousness diminished with the nice man with the knife muttering a bloody prayer.
That was essential for the meat to be Halal or pure for Moslems to consume within the rules and rites of Islam.

When such barbarity became necessary for our meatworks to be enabled to send their product to Islamic countries, many millions of dollars were spent, sometimes realigning entire slaughter chains to allow the animal to arrive at the muttering man with his knife, all aligned to Mecca with  a member of a battalion of mozzie slaughtermen  on hand to do the Halal dispatch.
The only concession to our striving for a humane killing came with a stunning electrode being applied before Halal Harry did his gruesome bit without dislocating the c vertebra or cutting the spinal cord.

With a constant risk of mixing the good meat and the bad, all meat was killed in compliance with Islamic demands to keep it simple.

Almost enough to make one consider vegetarianism.

Back to the subject of Kirralie, an ordinary normal housewife whose early years included a tent while she and her Hubby built a house, was one day idly reading the label on a bit of cheese and discovered a small halal symbol, one thing led to another and Kirralie found various symbols on almost all her groceries including marmite, weetbix, jam, honey, you name it, it carried a halal certification approval mark.

Now the Beast was alerted, and Ms Smith began an investigation that has now advanced beyond a threatened law suit from a mastermind of the rort, a FourCorners Program on ABC,  to a Senate inquiry, because her investigation has discovered an Australia wide scam that allows millions in annual Halal certification approvals costing millions if not billions that are diverted to build Mosques in Indonesia and much more concerning,  funding the barbarism perpetrated by soldiers if Islam around the world, too often in opposition to Australia's best strategic interests.

Head to The Pickering Post for more on Kirralie.
Go you good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed and I guess that you have missed the "new" Milo from Nestle. Well now they have changed their coffee as well. And guess why. well you don't have to be a rocket scientist do you.
The new product tastes like crap as well.
They have no intention of returning to a product the consumer likes.
so that's Milo's Brand stuffed. Its sitting on the shelf almost to the point that it will be removed as soon as Countdown grow some nuts.

Plenty of alternatives.

Noel said...

What was it you said previously. Between two stories is the Truth?
Below abridged.
"Welcome To The Strange Logic Of Kirralie Smith, Anti-Halal Truther
By Max Chalmers

Believing that every trip to the supermarket is one step closer to global Muslim domination excludes you from serious consideration right? Wrong! Meet the woman behind the anti-Halal push back. Max Chalmers reports.
Ever wished you could get a hot new body that screams confidence, sex appeal, and deep-seated racial anxiety?
Well good news – it’s now in reach, all thanks to a new diet sweeping the nation and promising to help you shed those winter kilos without losing any of the excesses bigotry you’ve been carrying.
Yes, in the wake of Australia’s latest round of Islamophobia the anti-Halal truthers are back, encouraging their compatriots to boycott Halal certified foods which, they believe, are funding terrorism and imposing a ‘Muslim tax’ on all Australian consumers.
Their movement promises to halt the spread of global jihad and, in case you weren’t sold, is also marketing itself as a kind of anti-multicultural alternative to Jenny Craig.

Halal products are food items that have been cleared by Muslim religious bodies or private certifiers as ‘not haram’, meaning they have been produced in line with specifications made in the Qur’an.
To have your product officially certified as Halal you pay a fee to one of these authorities who will perform an inspection and sign off on the accuracy of the claim.
It’s a process that has incensed a small but vocal online community of (mostly) white Australians.
Sharing anti-multicultural dietary advice would all be fun and games if no-one was paying attention to this clique, but they’ve managed to have their voice heard on a national level, collect some relatively powerful allies, and even bully companies into rescinding on their Halal classifications.
Having hounded the Byron Bay Cookie Company about its Halal certified Anzac biscuits, the campaign recently zeroed in on the Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company, forcing it to back out of a lucrative contract with airline Emirates.
Fleurieu had paid just over $1,000 for the certification and said that losing the $50,000 Emirates contract could force it to cut back on staff hours.
Clearly, the campaign against Halal is more serious than the bizarre facebook meme above might imply.
And that brings us to the woman at the heart of the Australian movement: Kirralie Smith.

Noel said...

Sorry full article at

DenMT said...

I think you have confused halal slaughter with kosher slaughter - 'shechita'. As a student I did hard yards at Taylor Preston in Ngauranga Gorge - in the lamb room, but with several educational trips down the chain. I can assure you that all the halal animals were stunned first.

And this Kirralie Smith characters antics are a dog-whistle against Islam. Surely private enterprise is welcome to ensure they certify to sell to all market sectors