Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Islamaphobe, Racist, F&%kwit, Senile, Retard,

Sticks n Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me and I have been called worse.
Christ on a bike, a farming mate back in the day called me a "socialist" as a consequence of my support for farmer desire to control the ownership of their wool further down the track to the spinner and remove the ticket clipping "broker" from the commercial process. Now that was hurtful.
Islamaphobe is the most inaccurate and for evidence of that, Hon Tim Groser, I understand has converted to Islam and if true it has zero effect on my attitudes and acceptance of him and his work which gives me hope for our countries future. The same goes for Bill Williams, my opposition to his inclusion has nothing to do with his conversion he just isn't the best for the upcoming RWC imho. Similar my attitude and acceptance of Ahmed who I worked with in a mates kitchen where he was a chef and I was the dishwasher. Also on the Fire brigade where Ahmed never seemed to have to take time out to unroll his little mat in the middle of training or action.
Racist well that comes up a bit short as Islam is not a race and in fact embraces many races and ethnicities.
F&%kwit nothing to say to that, eh. really just a desperation induced etherism that has very minor use in face to face contacts. So easy to toss into an anonymous comment though as a filler.
Senile;  harder to argue as with insanity, self analysis is  fraught with inaccuracy.
Retard; well my  achieving successful delivery  in three very different disciplines each over several years,  enabling an early retirement, self funded, starting at zero in 1959 with an education of no outstanding merit gives me an indication that if I am retarded then we are a nation with too many of those.

They are just nonsense names that portray a dearth of opposition  argument.

You see when I see pictures of Somali Children showing various symptoms of poor diet, ill health, make do clothing, ragged tents, standing in extreme lethargy, and a complete absence of males in camps that appear to have no fences and a complete picture of degraded hope for any future.
Then compare those images to a large body of fit younger men with enough women and children to complete the image of the Media wet dream, in a mass migration.
All well fed and clothed, clean with evidence of shelter,  the near new tents abandoned when they move on towards their German destination, clutching their cell phones and carrying a haversack of possessions it is difficult to believe the two groups are equally deserving of scarce international aid resources already stretched beyond unimaginable levels.
I just cannot help but wonder where the truth may lie.

My open cynicism is on high alert to the point where I am certain there is much evidence of hopeless genuine poverty with the first group and a truck load of manipulative imagery and total intentional fraud  in the second.

Surprisingly  though many of those who have been crusading on behalf of an imaginary statistical based 250 000 NZ children in "Poverty" now see fit to transfer their protest to people who may have amongst them some genuine refugees, "fleeing persecution and oppression" but they do not include Abdulla Kurdi who was able to suddenly return to his Syrian home town near the Turkish border to bury his dead family three years after fleeing in fear of his life, in what would for Joe and Josephine Normal be a quite expensive air travel option.
I know what attending a dying much loved Mother in Law and her subsequent funeral in Hastings cost us living here in Canterbury, Abdulla's alleged $4500US would have been a bit stretched.
Do some simple maths using whatever assumptions; travel to an airport, book return flights to a lesser destination, arrange mortician to prepare a wife and two children embalmed and encased for basic air freight, accommodation, funeral arrangements in Kobani Syria.

For those of intellectual insufficiency who would deny my right to be appalled and openly express my total opposition to what is unfolding in Northern Iraq and Syria, it is nothing to do with Islam, age, phobia, or mental decline it comes entirely from my deeply held abhorrence of almost all that ISIS employs in its pursuit of dominance using armed force.
If their beliefs are so sure and certain why the need to resort not only to a shooting conflict but include the gross activities to shock and instil fear, as weapons.
Sort of maybe why thinking people in the real world have embraced democracy as a tool to win a position of power but that simple alternative will probably remain a mystery to the fanatical murderers and their dumb enablers.


Paulus said...

I wonder what these fit young men - called immigrants are carrying in their haversacks.
There appears to be no customs or passport controls.
I see that they are coming from as far away as Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, the Balkans and of course Syria.
All claiming to have no papers but they are Syrian.
Financed by Russia and Saudi Arabia of course.

The Veteran said...

I see that Peters' contribution to the debate is that we should limit the intake to women and children.
That men should not be accepted. They should be fighting ISIS/ISIL. Pure Peters populist pufferey.
Put it another way ... is Peter's really proposing that family units should be broken up as a condition of entry and, if he is, who then to care for the 'lucky' half ... answer, the State in perpetuity!!!!

Peters is a joke albeit a sick one.

Anonymous said...

This just goes to show how little you know of the current crisis. The Calias refugee problem is completely different from what is happening in Greece, Hungary and Italy.

The mainly Syrians are of middle class upbringing, shopkeepers, tradesmen and those who had a few dollars before the brown stuff hit the fan. They were not driven to his state of despair by ISIS, that's just nonsense to feed your prejudices.

They are there because they were barrel bombed and shelled out of their homes and their livelihoods by Assad and his venal wife with a blind eye being turned by the world. No doubt oil played a part how bigger part I do not know.

Look at this photo of Aleppo and think of another six cities like this.

Now lets have an honest answer who would you have as next door neighbour A Syrian shopkeeper with well behaved kids or a Mongrel mob member who got lucky with Lotto????????????


I have noticed Whale Oil's piece about the young boy and his liar of a father has attracted some attention from the readers of the Guido fawkes and Conservative Home blogs in the UK.
James Delingpole pretty much backs everything he posted.
Andrew Bolt is getting it right to, as is the Daily Caller.
Our media and leaders have been lying like flatfish over the refugee issue.
The pictures from Lesbos don't look good either.