Friday, September 11, 2015


After a mardi gras that was probably largely funded by those they chose to denigrate the wannabees in fancy dress have bitten the hands that feed them.

A bunch of jumped up minor despots who would struggle to organise a piss up in a brewery,  want NZ and Aus to tank their economies that provide pretty much the entire economic inputs for  their beach resorts because some muppet who used to be a train driver thinks the world is gunna end.
Hang on wasn't supposed to have happened already.

Ungrateful small minded pretend local councillors masquerading as national leaders, here's an idea, lets cut out all the bloody aid you hoover up and syphon as much as you can to your superannuation funds and you can try the Chicoms as a personal money lender.
They dont burn any hydrocarbons now do they.

Then again they are creating islands in the South China Sea, that technology would surely make the atolls safe

Hells bells Wade Brown and Dalziel run bigger motors than most of these insignificant dreamers.

For the next Pacific Forum let the proposed host outfit beg for the funds to set up their glorified BBQ with a couple of cold ones, oh and some fancy coloured  poorly designed shirts and see who wants in.


Howie said...

Fabulous post! One question: WTF was it about now? It is literally not possible to tell. Keep up the great work.

Noel said...

Maybe this is the stuff that he claimed one needed a night cart to remove from his blog.

Anonymous said...

Well said GD - the rhetoric these bandwagon freeloaders have ramped up as we approach the Paris talk fest has only one aim in mind for the Pacific Forum bludgers. That is to score as much shame and sympathy from us 'heartless' ATM's as possible. How come places like, say, the Maldives haven't disappeared below the waves? Why hasn't Te Papa floated off it's foundations? Answer, it's just a load of overhyped BS, and you just need to follow the money to see why. Thank goodness that tool from Kiribas claiming climate refugee status was given the FO notice he deserved recently, else we would have had our type of "Syrian" migration disaster in no time.