Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Here We Go Again, Only Bad Bastards to have Guns,

What could possibly go wrong?

Obama is reputed to be the most successful Gun salesman ever.

The wonky who died in a possible suicide by cop outside a McDonalds in The Hutt Valley yesterday, wanted to join the military but was rejected on the grounds of his criminal past.

How thick is required to wave a loaded firearm in public, fire it in an Urban environment and not consider you might get shot, total stupid evidently.

So lets take the sage advice of the Academic and tighten arms ownership rules, of course the bad bastards will be at the front of the queues that will immediately form up to comply.

Bad people who have zero respect for the Law wont do anything illegal around guns, pistols and rifles will they. Absolutely no connect with drug trafficking, pimping, thieving, bashing, killing, unregistered vehicles, raping, car theft______.

Heh Mr Educated Moron-Professor do you use insect spray on cockroaches, if you did you will find it is not that effective, removing what they live on and how they enter your space is much more successful but then you never studied that bit did you.

My Father possessed an illegal .32 revolver until he handed it in in an arms amnesty in the 1960s, yet it was unregistered and I doubt anyone outside our family knew it existed and that was when the local Bobby had a record of every registered firearm in his district. My first weapon was a Browning five shot semi-auto that I was required to obtain a "permit to acquire" and then within a short time following  purchase, present it at the local nick to have its action approved and its registration numbers recorded against my name.
Gillies and Jorgenson still managed to acquire a sub-machine gun to bring an end to two other BBs Walker and Speight in Remuera  two months later. Does anyone really think plod had that written down in his book.

We kill how many kids a year mainly from actions of a non related squeeze currently with mummy, we kill hundreds on the roads, a farmer a week dies, in the main because he over estimates ability and contemporaneously under estimates risk and one retard gets hisself shot in a busy street scene and we must "do something". Sure we must do something keep shooting the bad bastards.

I will be amazed if the person shot in the Hutt had;
 A licence to own and possess,
Secure storage for all weapons he possessed,
Had a valid reason to be carrying,
The carried weapon was not loaded and preferably not able to function,
Had ever attended an approved firearm safety course,
Had provided two referees one a close relative the other not related or living with him.

Now a dollar to a pinch of goat poo would he have complied with a single one of those legal requirements to have ended up at Maccas dead.

I have an arsenal that on Wiki figures puts me at about average and Plod has no freakin idea what I possess, since my Lifetime licence was rescinded I have only dealt with two inspections of my weapon storage and it is compliant but I can assert if the bloody big blouse Mr Educated Moron-Professor appears to gain traction to proscribe my current legal compliance with the sort of idiotic ideas that Alpers used to promote then I will rapidly morph into a nether world of non compliance.

You can hang your hat on that.


Anonymous said...

I was 22 and on active service overseas when I first felt disturbed air.

My son at 19 was in law enforcement in NZ when he first felt it, only to have the people with him laugh at his response as if it was natural occurrence.

Yup I'm guessing there are more unregistered handguns out there than registered.

"The carried weapon was not loaded"

Wasn't there claims he shot at the police dog?

gravedodger said...

I was really listing what he would have been required to have covered to be compliant with the law anon but you clearly have been too close to the wrong bits of gunfire and I imagine it is something that never leaves you.

The Veteran said...

You present a firearm in a public place and fire it and the police shoot you dead. Would have thought the message might have gotten through by now but still the ultra pc among us question police action.
Tough .... my sympathies go to the police involved and not to the 'victim' as some would have it.

JC said...

Looks like suicide by cop..

Last para.