Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here Is A thought John.

Stop talking such rubbish and listen up.
If the idiocy to spend millions to bring Pandas to Wellington Zoo is to assist in saving the endangered species then suggest the Chicoms to send a couple of breeding pairs to NZ sans the millions in graft demands and let a breeding program be attempted.

If it is all about sucking up or yet another diversion from real problems then let a commercial entity spend their money and see where that goes.

Then consider "Happy Feet" how did that end again?

Wellington brain farts are two a penny, it is the payments for the ultimate results that are so bloody expensive, so please do not encourage the insane in their pursuit of a yellow brick road.


gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire or taste or a person with such a desire or       taste):
  1. "newspapers are pandering to people's baser instincts"
    synonyms: indulge · gratify · satisfy · cater to · give in to · fulfil · yield to. Oxford dictionary.


Noel said...

Fist it was the flag now it's Pandas.
What's next millions on research to prove if pigs fly or not?

Nookin said...

This is a cunning plan. None it it will go ahead. He is just teasing. Just before election Key will remind everyone how they felt about wasting money on Pandas and point out that multiples of that sum will be spent by Labour in cloning and resurrecting the moa.

Paulus said...

I understand it was the Deputy Mayor of Wellington who raised this with Council.
The Mayor is in China presumably sussing out Pandas.
The media then asked Key whether he like Pandas and he said yes.

The Veteran said...

The left controlled (read Labour and the Greens) Wellington City Council is promoting the project. If they feel that have the ratepayer mandate to proceed, underwritten by ratepayer dosh, then all power to their checkbook.

If Govt can help 'facilitate' that then OK on the basis that facilitation means using their good offices to make it happen. But direct taxpayer support ... no way John. Leave that to 'them'.