Wednesday, September 23, 2015

God Speaks, due process can go to hell.

My patience is exhausted.

Another corporate logo is added to a process that took hours of legislation discourse dictated an "expert panel" would choose four finalists from forty options, now suddenly all that is of no moment with Mr Key adding the logo from some engineering firm in the midwest of the US ranked at number 36/40 by the expert bunch after a road trip.

How close is a uturn on the TPP, how is current polling going with that?
What do the small segment polled on our support for the fight against IS say?

How about disbanding the parliament and just poll a few on what next.

Jesus wept John, you are starting to look worse and worse, where did you leave your Nads.

"Key derangement" has been replaced with plain old deranged.


Gavin said...

Yes there has been many u turns, this it is not a good look, it is becoming frustrating.

Anonymous said...

This search for a new flag has now become a total farce. Not only is it a complete waste of money but the rules keep changing at the whim of John Key. Still, as it was originally designed to divert attention from the sell-out of what's left of NZ's sovereignty to the TPP, no doubt JK considers $26,000,000 well spent.

Nookin said...

Frankly, I don't know what the fuss is all about. This isn't some sort of competition where rules matter. It's an exercise to see if we want to change and if so,what to?
What does it really matter that another one is thrown into the mix? It might be a bit different if Key initiated legislation to ring in his preference - the silver fern. But he didnt, did he?

My view is that red peak is a letterhead logo and no more but that's just the one view. Fifty thousand plus now have a chance to say they like it over the others.

Noel said...

Not to worry it will all be history in March next year. But we could show commonsense and include the yes/no question in November. Pity Labour promoted the idea cause now it will never happen.

Ciaron said...

Nookin said...
Frankly, I don't know what the fuss is all about.

Key said unequivocally on Paul Henry's show that RP would not become #5 in the top 4.

Also, My little pony spoke some sense this morning about turnouts and mandates, but I realized that if the shoe were on the other foot, Labour would take a result that suited them if the turnout was 4.

Nookin said...

Politicians should never say never. It might bite hem on the bum one day. The problem is that if a politician says "maybe" or "cannot rule it out" or "there may be circumstance but I can't think of them right now" or anything that is other than an emphatic "no" then the media immediately take it as a yes.

I seem to recall that English said something equivocal about selling Kiwibank and straight away MSM and Labour were spouting that it was government's intention to sell Kiwibank.

Nick K said...

Wait until the final referendum vote gives no change and see how this government has thrown $26 million down the toilet.

But at least it's not Labour doing it!!!!!!

Tamati said...

Maybe the logo of a mid western engineering company but it is also pretty close to the logo of a Singaporean Corporation that supplies stationery to NZ.