Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday's Fulminations

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Anonymous said...

So no comments today then.

Noel said...

Just finished watching John Key on the news claiming no knowledge of Kiwis incarcerated on Christmas Island.

Firstly I tempted to congratulate the Aussie having intercepted boat people on the edge of the border, transferring to customs processing at sea then to lifeboats back to Indonesia and buying the lifeboats back.

Not surprising then they would wonder what to do with the unused facility.
It's been common knowledge that non resident non citizen Australian prisoners due for deportation under the new rules have been held there.
Again tempted to give kudos to the Aussies because it separates the gang members from those in Melbourne and Sydney prisons and reduces the risk to those at Villawood.

But for the PM to claim no knowledge is frightening. After all the main reason for the new deportation rules is to avoid a parole period at Aussies cost.

Geez everyone is in a tizzy about Syrian refugees backgrounds but some of those soon to return to NZ, amongst a number who were born in Aussie and have never set foot here have some pretty sordid backgrounds.

Maybe a sign the Government is behind the eight ball on this one?

Noel said...

Sorry should read "no knowledge of actual numbers of Kiwis"