Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Don't call me Dave!

While many New Zealan citizens have a positive opinion of Lord Michael Ashroft as a result of his efforts around recovery of the Medals earned by Lt Charles Upham that included his rare VC and Bar stolen from the Waiouru War Museum, British PM  David Cameron will be regretting making the peer an enemy right now.

Lord Ashcroft, a former best mate and fellow Oxford student, has written a tawdry unofficial biography of Cameron that is to be seen as rather negative as far as his image is concerned.

Whether His Lordship has a reason or not,  DC's student activities, when viewed in the light of current mores and his exhaulted position,  make for a sad reflection on both men.

Some things are best left in the past as the only problem for Cameron c2015 would arise should he fall in love with a  lady with a very strongly embraced lslamic faith.

UK Daily Mail.


jaspa said...

Cameron (and Chancellor George Osborne) should be more worried about the possibility of Andy Coulson writing a memoir.

The Veteran said...

Gueez, show me someone who hasn't done stupid things when they were young and I'll show you someone bereft of life experience. Growing up in Taranaki the rite of passage was the 'round the mountain' pub crawl with 87 stopping points if I remember rightly which I don't.

Then there was the occasion where I was party to the blowing up of the Waiouru Officers Mess.

Or participating in an engagement party which saw someone who must remain nameless thrown into a ten foot deep swimming pool with a ball and chain clamped to his leg ... person plus ball & chain = 9 feet.

And let's not go down the track of discussing what happens at YFC (the other one) and Uni Parties.

Howie said...

Goodness! Compare the Veteran's cheerful confession to having committed serious offences in his youth (incluidng serious assault and domestic terrorism) to his faux outrage at the comparatively minor indiscretions of a member of Corbyn's shadow Cabinet. Interesting hypocrisy non?

The Veteran said...

Howie ... does it hurt being stupid, stupid? I was not a Peer; arson is not a minor indiscretion, I have not been appointed to the Education portfolio ... spot the diff.

Glad to know that you are perfect. Ever thought of running for God? Nah, God doesn't do stupid.