Friday, September 11, 2015

Do Not Include All who Choose To Be Free.

It is highly unlikely it was one of us Maree!

Dumped rubbish, like these empty bottles at Lake Selfe, is blighting the Coleridge lakes area, Selwyn-Waihora water zone commitee member Maree Goldring says.

Stuff has a beatup on lazy bastards leaving their garbage in, around and nearby, Canterbury High Country Lakes. Lake Self in particular but mentions other points of interest that gather many who stop for many and varied reasons.
Hell they might just be complying with the exhortations to "Take a Break", Don't Drive Tired", "pull over and have a rest" and other advisories from the Gestapo.
The  culprits could be cyclists, trampers, picnickers, gween party activists on remand, or any body really. However Ms Maree Goldring singles out Freedom Campers many of who would be very reluctant to leave even their exhaled CO2. Some of us are more than a bit tight with our treasured possessions.

If anybody sees a mobile home casting waste water- Black or Grey, litter, crap both organic and non organic, or in any way behaving irresponsibly and that vehicle carries a logo as below with a five digit number included in the logo,  the NZMCA would ask you to report it to their Head Office in Auckland.

Contact The National Office

Physical Address: 4 Graham Road, Takanini 2112 
Postal Address: PO Box 72147, Papakura 2244
Phone: 09 298 5466
Fax: 09 298 5646
(Site coordinates: LAT -37.044969, 174.920310)


Include any evidence as to where, time, date, pictures if possible and that membership can be cancelled along with all the considerable benefits our organisation of some nearly 30 000 enjoy.

The NZMCA is very aware of the social and corporate responsibility membership includes and any member bringing the association into disrepute is taken very seriously.

Members invest considerable money and time into preventing such behaviour and annually each of the areas, over 20 in number, spend a weekend if possible or at least a weekend day targeting an area of concern to us along with local bodies and individuals by cleaning up a mess be it a beach a river a layby or whatever, where the more able bodied of us do make a difference

WE do not condone or  accept the attitudes of those who visit and travel as budget travellers and are provided a hire van or a car with scarce room for a bed let alone a toilet, so Ms Maree Goldring of the Waihora-Selwyn Water Care Committee, be a little more specific in your generalisations over "Freedom Camping".

In return I will not include you in the army of shiney arsed seat warmers who spend their entire working day  thinking up ways to impinge on the democratic, social and lawful rights of the thousands of responsible people who choose to enjoy our beautiful country and leave only wheel marks, in certified self contained mobile homes that are carrying our membership logo, our individual membership number and a blue or green sticker on the right rear of our vehicle saying we keep our shit on board.

Perhaps you could assist us Ms Goldring, by seeking ways to provide coin operated household rubbish disposal options along with more dump stations for our members and the other large army of commercial hire vehicles that have joined the NZMCA  certification system whose vehicles display the compliant sticker on the Right rear of their hire vehicles. Btw they do not include most of the back packer specials that may have a porta potti on board but also have a refundable bonus to be repaid on return unused.


Howie said...

Pay for a camping spot and stop bludging you tight arse.

gravedodger said...

We often do you screaming retard but to pay fifty bucks for a few square meters of grass gravel or any other clear space when we do not need water drainage power or anything else a motor camp provides just doesn'make sense.
How much do you pay to rent a similar area of sand at the beach?
Help is available, try the citizens advice bureau.