Monday, September 28, 2015

CYF needs a blood transfusion, relocation or possibly demolition.

Yes I rail at the destructive nature of welfare c2015 and I am not about to take even one small step back.
I have been castigated and reviled for my opinions but I have never seen a successful outcome from shooting messengers, hell even most states, open and benighted,  agree with "diplomatic privilege" that has its origins in antiquity, and accept that the reply properly delivered has a value that supports such protections.

Many good well intentioned people have toyed with various forms of welfare for those deemed less fortunate, whether their problems are in part or totally of their own making or plain misfortune. 
Micky Savage became a revered and much loved Prime Minister by delivering rudimentary welfare largely in response to some extreme degradation as a result of The Great Depression which just like the 1914/18 war had nothing Great about it  but they still referred to it as The Great War.
Simple, basic and targeted at those in serious need and seen by both those who funded it and those who benefitted, as a Hand Up to a target of recovery and not as a lifestyle funded by a state with limited means.
Yes accepting welfare in any form in 1935 was humbling and a last resort and getting back into work was the only redemption.
Of course just as today, work had to be sought out and some of the tasks accepted with some alacrity were demeaning dirty and often required a significant uprooting to make happen. Alas c2015 there is no desire to move, only a welfare system rewarding proclivity to merely root and there are a myriad of anecdotal examples of too many children sired by  many different fathers.  Too often abandoned to the care (advisedly) of a feckless mother seemingly on the lookout for yet another useless male who then often abuses the spawn of a predecessor and quickly successfully plants his seed in fertile ground.

I am not advocating for "poor houses", orphanages or any other of the Dickensian solutions but with so many spending serious money to defeat the ravages of the body clock and equally suspect long term and as yet undiscovered natural responses to fertility control that often leave a woman in search of "a baby" to seek means of artificial embryo creation, we as a nation need to have a debate on the problem.
Who has children, who wants children, who is paying and what would be best for those littlies.

The problem  that emerges when one group produce children in numbers that any one can see will rapidly overcome the budget and another group who have the funding, the love and the lifestyle,  yet are crying out for a baby or two or even three.
Those of us who back in the day made  a rational decision to limit our fertility to two or three offspring  are now paying taxes to support casual breeders who have had too many false signals from well meaning dogooders and a welfare system that rewards such irresponsible social mores.
Someone I know well has advocated for many years  that all pubescent youth be sterilised and only released to breed when they can  "Pass the test", now even I find that just a wee bit too far but in the light of the provable chaotic social behaviours where rooting and responsibility are hopelessly compromised, society needs to find a new way.

The DPB was primarily targeted to provide  relief for a woman left to care for and raise the children of a husband who not only abdicated his vows but took the dosh to finance his next conquest, it was never intended as a financial reward system for fertile women to make an existence from having babies. Today we can have three generations of a family group all nursing babies in concert that only a moron would  accept as normal. That is how it was, long long ago before science, hygiene diet and shelter allowed for society to take steps to prevent pregnancy while indulging in the pleasure nature set up to provide for the future with young'uns.

My very best wishes Ms Tolley but there will be a massive shift in mindset required in the face of protests from the so called enlightened who have absolutely no understanding as to how the bills are paid and worse how destructive unlimited welfare delivers.
 Sitting on  an ample posterior either in an ivory tower or a publically funded wankfest  they will wax lyrical on the rights of the creators while totally ignoring the rights of the funders and also presenting Nelson's Eye to what welfare has delivered, and continues to create.

The Hon Ms Anne Tolley has embarked on a process to re-evaluate CYF, remembering that it is largely helpless vulnerable children we are discussing, they do not vote,  they do nothing to create wealth to share but as a group they receive so much that could be better.
Back in the day childless couples adopted a child another could not support, and yes the Bethany solution was cruel and destructive to many yet there are many in my demographic who can see they received so much more from a couple who actually wanted them rather than that which would have in all likely hood been bloody awful and have condemned that child to a lesser life.
I have no truck with educated somebodies opposing adoption by some while accepting the handing of a first born to grandparents as is done in some traditional Polynesian societies. I am well aware of the pitfalls and there are many, most stemming from ill-advised withholding the truth from the adopted one.
One rather bad outcome I am very close to, occurred when the Caucasian Grands adopted their daughters child who only found out Uncle and Aunt were in truth, Mum and Dad, when he applied for work  and needed to produce  his birth certificate.
Otoh another delightful couple told their unrelated son and daughter very early and a more loving, settled and successful family you would travel far to find.

There really are answers out there but to rediscover them, some need to start by re-evaluating their values, opinions and beliefs because we all need to "think about the children".
Far too many of whom are getting a bum deal presently.


The Veteran said...

GD ... We're singing from the same songsheet. I have a deal of regard for Lindsay Mitchell, long time commentator on these issues. Her comment on my earlier post also mirrors some of your concerns.

Howie said...

Solo mothers and Muslims - the right's current boogeymen. Gotta be afraid of something I guess. All the hate it generates gets you out of bed in the morning.

Remember when you were petrified of the Japanese, gay people and reefer madness? Whatever happened to them?

gravedodger said...

If you ever get to school Howie, you might gain the skills to read and then you will be better equipped to discus with the adults on the matters you raise.

1 If you seriously believe from your bedtime stories that all is well with welfare around the raising of children then you don't have to hang around here, you could get someone to bring up Lindsay Mitchell's blog every day and get a grownup to read it to you, I doubt there is a better informed analytical commentator in the country.

2 Islam 'is' the greatest danger facing the world c2015, forget the enrichment of Gore, the scourge of Malaria, starvation from diversion of basic food stocks to bio fuel, deforestation or any other of the socialist backed human created disasters. Mass economic migration will have Europe on its knees.

3 Japan c1940 was a vastly different beast to the industrious economic powerhouse we observe today. Seventy years ago that country was ruled by a military government intent on dominating the entire Pacific Sphere and had withdrawn from or never signed up to any of the restricting world respected rules of war, They attacked and destroyed the entire Pacific Fleet of The US apart from the three Carriers that were not in port with out any warning or declaration of war, to enable their spectacular advance that only ended when they were thwarted in the Battle of the Corral Sea May 1942 then had their naval ability virtually destroyed at Midway a month later when the US sank four Japanese Carriers to destroy the IJN as a fighting force.

4 I am not and never have been 'scared' of Homosexuals or Lesbians, the former reduced the competition for the good looking Shelias and the latter were very rarely included in that demographic. Mind you seedy old men hanging around public toilets sometimes meant another option was required if one was unaccompanied.

5 If you are referring to Cannabis in the 'Reefer madness' then I have never indulged apart from the pall of smoke in some woolsheds and the odd party that I left when the drugs appeared. Of course I accept you would never be concerned with any degradation of mind particularly those developing, from unrestricted use of the weed with its greatly enhanced current potency. Much of your drivel indicates you may well have fried your brain already.

Your pathetic portrayal of differing opinions as something to be sneered at, is mind numbingly inane and should you continue to avoid genuine debate then the delete button will return to use. I am leaving your senseless and revealing of seriously lack of intellectual ability as a note on the white board but tiresome does not come close as a summary.

You could start by say giving us your assessment of why you accept the current mayhem resulting from the dysfunctional family outcomes funded by welfare that has a young child dying so often from a head or body trauma, all too often originating in a welfare funded house at the hands of a male partner unrelated to the victim.
Then again you haven't given any indications of the skills required for that task so I guess it is back to a place of learning as a new beginning.

Btw the warning was for certain, make my day.

Howie said...

You're funny, old guy!

To address your "point": There is no "current mayhem" resulting from having a system of social support, and just like your previous fears abated when the world never ended and were discarded, so too the current crop will be replaced in time by a new set of apocalyptic "threats" to humanity. Zen Bhuddism, public parks and vegetarians perhaps. Genuine concerns, of course, you dismiss 'coz you're the cause. When your idiocy is pointed out to you you do get very angry. It's mildly amusing.

gravedodger said...

Angry no but deeply saddened, vegetarians and Zen Buddhists are not filming multiple macabre executions yet, so they do not have a high threat risk and although DOC have a few sad deaths attributed to them there is little in the way of staged terror incidents recorded.
If you find my posts amusing, mildly or otherwise then you really do need help, try Lifeline or Citizens Advice Bureau.

Just what bit about, including children in murder then filming them holding the severed head up by its hair dripping blood, placing a fuel soaked victim in a cage with a trail of fuel for the poor bastard to watch his oncoming death by immolation, slowly submerging a steel cage and filming the multiple desperate victim's death throws, pushing blindfolded and manacled homosexuals off third story windows to their deaths on concrete below where another bunch of depraved are waiting with stones just in case they survive the fall, looping cordtex around the necks of victims and simultaneously blowing their heads off, gets you aroused to the point where you celebrate such moronic depravity.

However your latest besties are and have been for nearly one and a half millennia, butchering, hacking and murdering opponents using many seriously depraved and disgusting to civilised people, methods and now with some really great new technologies creating, if not mayhem in your eyes then considerable fear and angst for many who unlike us do not have a half decent moat. Of course if your retard mates gain electoral power as they inevitably will, we will then be confronted by a tragedy similar to that wrought by KRudd and Gilliard whose atrocities are now being acknowledged by their heirs and successors.

Good old Tom n Jerry, no not the ones on the cinema screens that entertained all those years ago, will see Europe solve its current invasion by hundreds of thousands of strong fit young men of whom a mere I% will be more than sufficient to do Allah's bidding.

There really are none so blind as those who will not see, you Howie are the living proof.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Howie ... at least do us the courtesy of reading (you can read I hope) the CYF Report. It is chilling. Everything in the garden is not all smelling of roses and I would take Lindsay Mitchell's analysis over yours any day soon although just why you think that placing kids back into dysfunctional families is a recipe for success sure beats me ... no, I've got it, in your world PC rules over kids welfare OK.

You're a patronising prick who thinks that trying to fix social problems is the preserve of the left.
It's not and never has been but clearly you and yours are too consumed with your own arrogance to acknowledge that. Sad, the suns over the yardarm so off you go and swill another bottle of Chardonnay. I suspect you'll make more sense when you're drunk.

Howie said...

Gee Gravetodger, I'm not sure how you did it, but you have apparently got solo mothers and ISIS confused. And refugees and ISIS and Muslims and ISIS. That's astounding.

As for the Veteran, he's simply accidentally highlighting the maladministration of the government he so passionately in love with. They've been in office seven years now, who's fault is it if not theirs?

Mitchell is a libertarian is drag who wants to remove all welfare for ideological reasons. All her analysis is fatally compromised by this.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... again, you show your ignorance. CYF has been in turmoil since it was formed. A major contributing factor is the PC culture that pervades their decision making. There is a demonstrated need for a paradigm shift in thinking and, one thing's for certain, you and yours can never provide that.

But we do need on this blog to acknowledge your valuable contribution to the future wellbeing of this country. Every time you 'issue forth' is a reminder to readers of the great step backwards a Labour/Greens/Winston First Government would be. Locked into fighting the class War all over again; spending money it doesn't have and at the beck and call of every 'do-gooder' with an itch to scratch.

Please authenticate your statement that Lindsay Mitchell wants to remove "all" welfare. Be very specific, quote chapter and verse.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Howie is an anarchistic marxist in drag who, for ideological reasons, wants to remove all incentive to work All his horseshit is fatally compromised by this.

Not only that, he cant construct a decent sentence.

gravedodger said...

If Poor old, or is that callow Howie could (a) read (b) comprehend and (c) articulate his resulting opinion, he would very quickly reach Lindsay Mitchell's clear un-polluted by political requirements to conform, research based understanding of the welfare system in New Zealand.

No one but no one has a better grasp of how it fails and possible answers to that failure than the person ACT inexplicably jettisoned for such lightweights as Heather Roy who possibly did more damage to the ACT brand than any other person.

It requires a very convoluted mind set to attack her logic and common sense opinions but Muppets as represented by idiots such as Howie who continue to try with monumental failure of all their shallow attempts.

Howie, Children in dysfunctional welfare funded chaotic musical chairs misnomered families are failing the children too often, when returned to those chaotic families the failure repeats, the poor little innocent victims are just abused again and Starship is asked to try and rebuild the beaten little defenceless child who all too often will die. Just what will it take for you to understand that tragedy must be solved because however you portray it, it is sadly real and happening again and again.

Maybe you need to volunteer for unpaid "friends of emergency department", a St Johns service where you will first hand observe the massive inexplicable results of mindless violence that comes through the Emergency Door in a continual stream nearly every hour of the day.
Of course you will need a big offering of empathy and an inexhaustible reserve of patience and understanding to be accepted but I do not think you would have the guts to do that for no recompense. So much easier to be a keyboard warrior working for the great socialist regime that will never come, but should it come it will fail again as it always has.

Howie said...
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gravedodger said...

More evidence as if any was required, Howie can't read.