Saturday, September 12, 2015

Could The Islamaphobes Be Growing In Number.

Or is the truth about Abdullah Kurdi just being further exposed as each day passes?

The so called distraught father of "That Little Drowned Boy On A Turkish Beach" is being continually exposed as a People Smuggler.

A woman who claims she was a fare paying migrant on the ill-fated boat has surfaced in Iraq with a story she "paid"  Mr Kurdi $10 000  for her seat and he was at the helm of the boat when it set out and then a few minutes later capsized with its cargo of 12 souls.
So clearly losing ten grand is only a problem for some "refugees" or are they in truth as I suggested earlier and received a bit of slipper for my efforts, just economic migrants

If true then Mr Kurdi was being well rewarded to drive that boat so there is absolutely no mystery as to his sudden ability as a person fleeing the "war zone" to fly back to his Syrian border village with his gruesome baggage to bury his missus and two children.

I note the idiot enabling MSM is now fixated on the "Day Tripper"  who foot-tripped the migrant and all reference to the Kurdi family seems to have become too embarrassing and not such a great fit  to the narrative.

So will all those manipulative and manipulated lying bastards come out and say they were but pawns in Islams latest fraudulent rort, or will they be like poor pensioners ripped off by scammers and remain silent yet still condemned by emerging truth and therefore as the total idiots they always were.


Anonymous said...

Call me old & cynical or whatever, but I'm now at the point where I never take anything written by the msm at face value.

B Whitehead

Noel said...

You are right not all are fleeing persecution. A number are from the Balkans taking the opportunity. As for the child he's dead. Let him be and stop point scoring.

In regard to MSN anyone know how to get a clean internet page in Windows 10 Edge like Explorer.

JC said...

Meantime the death toll from violence in the Congo approaches 6 million for the past 20 years, yet no one knows or cares.

Basically the only deaths that count are those that can be exploited for political purposes.


Anonymous said...

MSM are basically liars.If news does not represent the Left Wing views it is not published. Thank goodness we have the internet at blogs, at least then we can get the truth published.

Howie said...

"Islams (sic) latest fraudulent rort"

ROFL, yeah, so now he killed his family as part of an ISIS conspiracy to invade Europe AND he's a people smuggler, AND Islam! Don't ever change.

And, I love the way you will breathlessly report as fact every Internet rumour that serves to reinforce your bigotry, all the while using the "some of my best friends" defence and citing Tim Groser as proof. You're truly hilarious old fella. You're not as truly unpleasant as JC, but that's because you're batshit crazy.

gravedodger said...

Maybe my being Batshit crazy will work to my advantage as I am unaware of Islamic fruitcakes hacking heads off the insane up till now, but how long you last when they start dishing out the Orange overalls Howie, will only be revealed in the fullness of time.

Very revealing also that respected world rated news organisations are only creating internet rumours. That rather exercised woman who survived 'the shipwreck' being interviewed back in Iraq $10K poorer was a very well done rumour creation effort. Hell even the morons at NZ State TV ran with it.

No need to be so unacceptably nasty to other commenters Howie, leave the personal stuff to me or the delete button will activate, that's just how it is ok.

JC said...

GD.. be nice to the poor chap from Deludisville.. he's had a week of his bestie with the bad teeth being exposed by media and fellow passengers.

Wait till he finds out that those millions of "refugees" are only 50% Syrian, and he'll go ballistic when he finds that 72% of them all are men with the rest being 50% kids and women.


Howie said...

That's right JC, and they're swarthy and they're coming to getcha! Better hide, guy!

"Very revealing also that respected world rated news organisations are only creating internet rumours."

You believe the MSM now? But, but you said they were all being duped by ISIS! Oh noes. Can you please let me know what's fact and what's not? You seem to just know!

gravedodger said...

We none of us "Know" Howie, so much will only be revealed by the passing of time

Unlike you Howie with your infallible belief in "if it comes from your masters and betters" it is beyond question, I read as widely as time allows then form my independent views and opinion, The very anathema to what your mob holds as central belief thinking.

I am appalled at the way so many guardians of their nation's sovereignty are so easily accommodating the lies frauds and manipulations of a clearly signalled plank of ISIS political strategy.

JC said...

Oh look! Its our own resident friend from Deludistan where apparently they don't do geography, maths or history.

NZ is not experiencing a horde of refugees.. that's Europe, a preponderance of unattached young men doesn't suggest families of refugees and history remorselessly reminds us of the consequences of accepting a million angry young men into your countries.


Howie said...

"history remorselessly reminds us of the consequences of accepting a million angry young men into your countries."

So you're a historian now? This will be funny, how about you lay out for us examples of these remorseless reminders, you know, just for a laugh. And it appears your maths is a bit dodgy (you can't count), as is your geography (Europe is not a country, r-tard). Your history is patchy in that, like the Gravetodger and "reading", you take from it only examples which reinforce your bigotry and ignore everything else (like the antecedents of the UN Refugee Convention, for example). Face it buddy, you're a tool, and a blunt one.