Thursday, September 3, 2015

Charity Begins At Home.

After over seven years of dummies screeching about poverty here in our Island home, using bulls#*t  figures ranging up to half a million children and their "impoverished"  parent(s), how can we now have those screechers calling for us to bring more of the 'refugees' to our shores.

The cost of 750 refugees will be many times that of 750 children in so called poverty and it dosn't stop there.
 Ahmed Zaoui is said to have dragged another 18 souls to NZ following his long battle for "refugee" status being successfully achieved. Now assuming he was at the top end of the scale for familial admissions, if half his success is awarded to 750 new admissions it comes in at another 7000.

Yes some so called refugees who are often in truth queue jumping illegal economic migrants, are in dire straights, trying to escape some economic long drop dictatorship being run within the religious stone age culture descended from the leading civilisation of the founder of Islam, the paedophile murderous thug of nearly 1500 years ago.

Many Islamic "refugees" will never assimulate to our culture, as many no go areas in The UK, France, Holland, Scandinavia offers ample evidence of, not ignoring areas of Western Sydney just next door.

Imho we should rejig our admission criteria to exclude Muslims and open the door to those opressed souls who are being chased from thier ancestral homelands by Islamofacists on the rampage in so much of a cradle of civilisation.


Barey said...

I, too, say exclude Moslems!

Noel said...

Yah better have a word with John.
The majority of detainees at Manus are Muslim.
Given we are giving Aussie a hand by taking 150 a year Muslims are coming here.

What is it? 180 days in Kiwi land before you can apply for residency.

But don't worry after paying and housing them during that time they can then skip across the ditch, where they were trying to get to before been intercepted, on the special category visa.

Anonymous said...

"Ahmed Zaoui is said to have dragged another 18 souls to NZ..."

A great argument if true but I can't find any reference to this figure. Source please?

Adrian said...

You are a fucking wanker.

Anonymous said...

Said Adrian using every ounce of his intellectual capacity to completely debunk the sound argument put to him


JC said...

I find it strange that the people most at risk of death from persecution in these lands.. the Christians, are not overwhelmingly represented amount this stream of refugees. In fact the only incidence I could quickly find was of Muslim refugees throwing 12 Christians overboard to drown to a hearty chorus of "God is great".


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Likewise, I have noticed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what jobs and homes these 'migrants' will obtain here, there is such a surplus of these 'necessities B.

Howie said...

"I find it strange that the people most at risk of death from persecution in these lands.. the Christians, are not overwhelmingly represented amount this stream of refugees."

How do you know that either of the evidence free assertions in this statement are correct, JC? If you can't produce evidence I shall just have to assume that you are a bigoted fuckwit in the same mold as Gravetodger.

JC said...

Hmm, It shouldn't take you long to check the demographics of the ME to find that Christians are no more than about 10% of the population, that Syria alone has 12 million displaced refugees and 4 million have moved out of the country to neighbours and looking to migrate to the EU and other Western destinations. You wont find any evidence that the EU is facing a Christian refugee invasion but a great deal of concern about the overwhelming majority being Muslim and unlikely to assimilate.

Then you can check and find that some European nations, Britain, the US, the Pope and the bishops of Iraq and Syria are very hesitant to push any great support for Christians because of the huge fear this will cause the final extermination of the ME Christians.

If you check all this you will be better informed.. if not wiser.


pdm said...

For Howie tobecome wiser would be a huge step forward JC. On past evidence it is not likely to happen.

Howie said...

You're a fuckwite. JC, and an ugly one to boot. Your "evidence" proves it beyond doubt. There are christians among the displaced, likely to be relative to their population, and you seem to think Muslim=ISIS. As I say you're an ugly fuckwit.

JC said...

Isn't it bloody amazing.. the NZ media and some of their braindead mates see a dead body posed beautifully on a beach and its all the fault of John Key and those who have spent decades telling them about the 10 million Muslims killed by their dictators and fellow coreligionists over the last 30 years or so.

They dont actually want Key to do anything about it but they *demand* we all beat our breasts and moan about the horror of this one child and forget about all those millions of others murdered in the immediate past and the millions to die in the future from all the Middle East pathologies.

How did it go?.. when we sent troops to the ME it "wasn't our fight", and "neo colonialism" and some soldier might get hurt or killed and so on. But now its time to beat our tits and make the right noises because that proves we care.

But God help us if we try to do something to actually fix the problem.


Howie said...

Really, JC? "Beautifully posed"? All a set up by the left was it? You have evidence of course.

And I'm sure you really care, you psycho dickwad. You're all in favour of sending in the guns, but not prepared to bear the consequences. Why are you right wingers such cretins though?

JC said...

There you go Howie.. almost exactly as I predicted.. your entire knowledge base is centered on one photo and an all consuming hate for your betters.

Btw, thanks for agreeing further up the thread with my suggestion that the refugees are overwhelmingly Muslim.


Howie said...

"Thanks for agreeing further up the thread with my suggestion that the refugees are overwhelmingly Muslim."

Well, duh. And thanks for admitting they're refugees, fuckwit.

JC said...

"Well, duh. And thanks for admitting they're refugees, fuckwit."

Uhuh.. what sort? the ones in danger of their lives or those looking for a life on the dole?

The family had dodged all the warfare and danger, were established in a free house in Turkey with a job for three years before daddy decided to go to the boats because he wanted some new teeth at a price his sister or the prospective European host taxpayer could afford.

He resonates with you and the left because he shows promise as a bludger and bullshitter.