Wednesday, September 30, 2015

'Basher Brown' Banned I Hope.

Not one to promote Bans  on this I willingly make an exception.

Before anyone forms an opinion on whether Chris "Basher" Brown is given an entry to this country please have a gander at the pics allegedly showing the results of his reward to Rhianna for whatever she did to upset him . They are on google but not available to republish.

Turiana Turei made a career out of advancing "Her People",  is now inexplicably advocating for this bit of Kuri Tutai to be admitted for a money making event on the spurious basis "He is one the young will listen to".
He hasn't bashed anyone for six years, Not necessarily  Aunty Turiana as you well know that claim may only indicate he hasn't been caught in six years.

Of course he could bring Mike 'Basher come Rapist' Tyson to head up his security, Bill drug rooter Cosby to arrange the off stage entertainment, then the promoters could approach the "Roast Busters" who are still free agents, as stage crew.

OK Little Big Man Woodhouse, here is an opportunity to actually do the right thing and make a meaningful statement in support of The White ribbon Campaign.

It is never OK to hit a partner for any reason and that wannabe is no  better than any other thug, just has more money than most.


Noel said...

It's a bit like the rich special category residency which is really a money go round without any tangible benefit to New Zealand. Pollies don't see anything wrong with it so I guess having another one crying special visa status for this guy is to expected,

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Tariana's father was an American Negro Soldier.
And she like all the others is only part Maori in the other half.

The Veteran said...

We don't need 'him' in this country. We don't need crim.con either. Right, sorted, move on.