Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Amalgamation suffocates under vast heap of excrement!

Another legacy from Lying Len Pantsdown Brown.
A moronic ideology selected by thousands who pay no net taxes, miniscule rates and think anything they didn't directly pay for as a cost to their personal finances is "free".

Amalgamation Polls in Northland, Greater Wellington and now Hawkes Bay offering much needed administrative reform in efficient  financial and development local authority process have foundered on voter opinion seriously colored by what has emerged in Hide's Auckland effort.

Of course for that bold attempt to have delivered its logic based improvements to residents and more particularly  rate payers, through avoidance of duplication, competing for turf between neighbours and the regional body, and inherent idiocy from different rules on opposite sides of streets, it required a leadership that understood best commercial practice, prudence and differentiation between needs and wants.

We all know now that in the hands of a socialist who was well out of his depth in Manakau armed with an inevitable  philosophical mindset of 'more money and more people' as a valid solution to everything, the Auckland experiment  is seen by most as an abject failure. Hence any future for real progress in much needed reforms is denied any time soon so stop wasting money on destined to fail attempts put out as referenda.

Traffic chaos, a lurch back to nineteenth century rail based inefficiency,  exploded staffing and subsequent remuneration costs across all sectors and resulting rate increases  far in excess of inflation plus  rafts of other charges has all suggested images of amalgamation  delivering a better future firmly in the bedtime story genre. All that ignores the serious degradation in delivery of core services that are continually pruned or removed as money is diverted to legacy projects.

Thanks a bunch Lennie, (and your equally incompetent enablers serving as 'Councillors' at payrates they could otherwise only dream about), your exposed incompetence at anything approaching good local body governance without your clearly signalled narcissistic megalomaniac behaviours is impossible and ratepayers are now consigned to an unnecessary and ever growing  burden for ever.

Your legacy is in place but nothing even close to what your fevered shrunken brain might imagine it to be.
Hell those opposed to amalgamation for whatever reason do not even have to mention the Auckland fiasco, it is front and centre for too many voters nation wide and subsequently portrayed as overwhelming no votes to what pragmatic thinkers see as a viable and necessary way forward.

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Allan said...

I just wish that he Government would grow some goolies and sack the lot of the incompetent bastards and install a Statuory Manager in order to sort out the unholy mess . Brown will go down as the worst Mayor Auckland has ever had and his disastrous management or lack thereof has set Auckland back for generations.