Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Ok, I know someone is going to respond along the lines of  'stop rubbing it in, petrol here costs .....'.     But this is written from a Bay of Islands perspective.

Up until very recently it was de rigueur  when passing through Whangarei to fill up with petrol there.   Cheapest place in NZL (should be with Marsden Point in their backyard) and consistently 10c/litre cheaper than what we could get in Paihia.

Was in Whangarei last week and noticed the petrol price at $1.91.9 (this .9 thing is a joke) which was only 2c cheaper than Paihia ... wondered why.   The answer ... driving back from Kaitaia yesterday (where petrol was 2.02.9/litre) via the coast road through Cable Bay and Coopers Beach and passing through Waipapa (major retail development for Kerikeri located on the State Highway) and there, low and behold, was a brand new Gull petrol station dispensing product at 1.87.9/litre.  

Yep, not everyone in Keri2 is going to drive 6k to save 5c and I'm certainly not going to make a special journey from Paihia to fill up but they have clearly forced the Caltex and BP outlets in Keri2 and the Caltex and Z outlets in Paihia to reduce their prices.

Competition is a wonderful thing.

p.s.  anyone contemplating a move up to our Paihia/Russell paradise and I can put them in  touch with a very good real estate agent.


alwyn said...

I wonder if Gull pays the full amount of excise duty on the fuel they sell these days?
Also you should remember that if the fuel you are buying has been extended with alcohol, or the butane that Gull used you won't get the same energy output as you would get from a purely motor spirit fuel.

Noel said...

"The petroleum industry was deregulated with the enactment of the Petroleum
Sector Reform Act 1988. The objective of deregulation was to increase
competition within the industry, and thereby to bring to the economy the benefits
of greater efficiency and lower prices."

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Here, the price of unleaded 91 fluctuates from $1.39 on week-ends to $1.18 on Wednesday or Thursday.

The intelligent motorist plans ahead and never fills up on the week-end.

Anonymous said...

A contradiction in terms "A really good estate agent" Good for whom??