Friday, September 11, 2015

A War Zone, Rachel, Really?

At present the well recognised NZ contender for 'Blonde with smallest functioning (advisedly) brain', is in the nether regions of the Balkans searching for information as to what is really happening as thousands of mainly young educated men migrate to more user friendly welfare in northern Europe from  shitholes created by the more retarded wings of Islam.

This morning in contact with the KPMG sponsored hour at dawn, how long before those who enable that travesty to continue in total opposition to every thing that tower of capitalism represents, the 'bimbo' described that border area of Hungary as like a "war zone".
Now correct me if I am in error as I have never been anywhere near the chaos of incoming ordnance from people with a strong desire to intimidate or even kill me but based on my limited experience of delivering such destruction to training targets and killing vermin I think Rachel has in truth over egged things a tad to a point way beyond reality

With Hungarian police carrying batons and the ground littered with detritus from now moving on migrants her "war zone" might have had some similarities to the terraces of a football stadium after a big game, the muddy field after a washed out rock concert, Aotea Square after the "Occupy" sit in was depopulated  or even a street scene after a ban the bomb march, however a "war zone"?
What a stupid stupid immature inaccurate summation. How many shell holes filled with fetid water and various body bits, broken guns and vehicles in various degrees of destruction, a stench of dead and the screams of the dying, broken bodies dead and crawling to seek safety, total degradation of the landscape.
"A freakin war zone"  come on.

How anyone in Newstalk ZB can want such dribble to be taken seriously when the contender's miniature brain and matching intellect cloaked in an ego unmatched at present in NZ broadcast media is contributing such embellished exaggerations at what cost?

"when telling fibs keep it simple, don't over egg the pudding" seems much more appropriate.

To a regular listener, broadcasting such a seriously flawed and false portrayal of world events that are crying out for accurate "reporting"  revealing something much nearer the truth of what is happening, without  bias from a clearly held preconception of the more dramatic representations transmitted this morning will have me searching further afield for news.

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