Tuesday, September 15, 2015

5 PMs in Five Years, No not Italy, Next Door

Bastardry is a part of politics.
The Liberals roll Tony Abbott two years after he led them to victory.
Abbott, a very successful opposition leader failed as government leader.

Children starting school in Australia have had five PMs in their short lives.

Shortonbrains is now never to be PM and he has one new problem.
No longer can he start every sentence with "Mr Rabbit".

John Key was held up as the way forward for the Turnbull era.


Howie said...

Oh hilarious. You guys all had mad man crushes on Abbott. Everyone else thought he was a bully and a dick. Good riddance to the worst PM in Australian history. Oh, and you appear to have trouble counting to four.

gravedodger said...

Wrong again Howie, Juliar will be very hard to beat on that score and Krudd is in clear second place.

Its the economy stupid.

I would have thought even a dummy such as yourself might have picked up on the clear and present danger to Labor's next contender.

Nothing wrong with my Maths either, Krudd Mk II thought he was different in his fevered mind but he managed to fool you, eh Howie.

Howie said...

"Krudd Mk II thought he was different in his fevered mind but he managed to fool you"

It appears he fooled you, as you counted him twice.

"Its (sic) the economy stupid."

You do it to yourself, that's what really hurts. Better get back to Islamophobic ranting; it'll make you feel better.

The Veteran said...

I'll leave Howie to ramble on. My summation of Abbott is that he is very much in the Winston Peters mold. A very good opposition politician but lacking in real leadership ability when confronted with the top job. Put simply, he failed to take the country with him. He (and Hockey) failed to sell Austs version of the 'mother of all budgets' and from thereon in it was all down hill because, in the end, 'its the economy stupid'. Yes, he made good on his promise to turn back the boats and he deserves credit for that ... but that is a sideshow measured against the need to articulate a clear pathway forward to get Aust out of the economic mess left by Labour.

Interesting that Turnbull acknowledged John Key as the master of how to progress change.

The Liberals will pay a price for dumping a PM mid-stream. The Canning bi-election will be a good pointer. One final point ... there is a lot of crap talked about the position of PM being a 'gift from the people'. It is not and never has been. Aust operates under the Westminster system. People do not elect a PM. In Aust the Party Room does.

gravedodger said...

You Howie, might be sufficiently dopey to think the Krudd c 2007 was the same person as Krudd 2013 but the narcissistic retard wanted the reincarnation to be seen as a different person after he had white-anted Gillard to a position where Shortonbrains made his moves. Alas he didn't fool enough voters and hence the Labor mob got rinsed.

How the voters react to this dethroning of yet another sitting PM will be interesting with Canning next weekend the first test. Whatever that result Turnbull has played his hand well, now the voters can do their bit but whatever that outcome it will be easily used or ignored whichever suits.

Things Abbott can rest with to his credit are;
The boats have been stopped,
Queue jumping economic migrants are no longer dyeing in their hundreds at sea,
The Carbon Tax is gone,
The Mining tax has gone,
The spendathon that Krudd and Gillard bequeathed to Australia has been blunted,
And he has delivered much in the face of a very difficult Senate tactical situation.
If remembered for nothing else, Tony Abbott delivered Federal Australia from a greater disaster in the dubious legacy of Krudd, Gillard who with their economic clown Swan had the Lucky Country on its knees from six budgets, each promising a surplus and each only delivered a bigger deficit then the preceding one.

One facet of the Turnbull administration that will be interesting is how the ABC, Fairfax and the other pitiful remains of a once great MSM treat their darling, their hateful treatment of Abbott was shameful.

Noel said...

Three e mails from differenf Aussies moaning about their not been included in the decision. Reminded them how Westminster system works. Does highlight why voting shouldn't be compulsory.
Also told them when you aint getting a buy in on your policies change the leader afterall we've had plenty of experience.

Noel said...

Then again maybe we should have compulsory voting with an accompanying voter test to prove they understand the system. Along with been able to recognise spin, manipulation, political BS and down right deceit eminating from the trough feeders.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... what you are proposing is a bit like the 'Literacy Test' favored by many US States as a means of keeping the 'darkies' in their place. Abolished by the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Here it would reduce the franchise by 50% +/-.